Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cloud rain and more cloud.

Well i'm sat in the internet cafe once again with it being black cloud and heavy rain outside, BORING!

Well its been a quiet week since saturday because of the turn in weather as most of my customers all season have come from the far end of the resort so in this weather they don't venture much further than the Drunk Corner area as not knowing if they are going to get caught in rain but i'll stay open for the few hardcore regulars that come in every night no matter what the weather.

I've just looked out the door of the cafe and its monsoon rain, big old fat drops and at a fast rate, its raining that hard its splashing back up in the air 2 feet, bugger, got loads to do today and forgot my water proofs LOL.

Well i've been in contact with Toys R Us and i start back almost as soon as i land 1st Nov so looking forward to playing with all the new toys, i mean doing some hard work haha.

Well had my first company come in to measure up for the refurb so waiting on a quote from them, only another 6 companies to go, lets hope its not the usual case of wanting it done in March 2011 and its completed by Oct, also i hope they're not going to be silly with the price, fingers crossed.

Not got much to say today as not done anything due to weather and rain is easing off so better make a move while i can as it looks set in for the day.

See you next week for my final update from the island. See yah later folks.

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