Thursday, 4 November 2010

Observations i've made lately! (God here he goes again)

So i've been in the UK for a week and made some realisations ad observations. Oh and before you say anything my seasons review will be the next topic i post.

So since i've been without my laptop which was end of Sept beginning of Oct i think i can honestly say if it wasn't for Tripadvisor, my e-mail, using it to download music/play music and watch programmes i've missed i don't really need one which then brought me on to writing, do kids still use pens in school and do they know how to spell properly? No one wants to have anything hand written anymore its all via e-mail or text, then there is the spelling L8tr=Later (wow one letter less thats much quicker) Ur=Your (ur is what i used to say when impersonating a thick person) *$=Starbucks(yeah like i'm gonna figure that out)Srsly=Seriously(that just looks like someone hitting any keys), now i do use LOL=Lots of laughs but no wonder the kids are looking more like Kevin & Perry's everyday they don't need brains anymore as its all done for them with preemtive text and spell checker.

This then brought me on to my childhood and teenage years, i'd never pick up my landline phone and tell my mates "i've just farted loud" but with facebook people seem to let their friends know the slightest movement they make sometimes even their bowel movement haha. When i was a kid I used to write to friends i'd met on holiday with a pen & paper, remember those days, they used to be called "penpals". Me and my friends used to meet and cycle 12 miles to Barry Island ( yes Gavin and Stacey fame) now kids don't even leave their bedrooms to talk and meet with mates as they can use cams and socializing networks, as technology increases socializing decreases. As you can see i've been doing alot of thinking lately about "now and then".

So its back to Toys R Us as i've seen some amazingly bad things, two things really made me laugh. I think i saw a Cheryl Cole board game and i think it went like this, you start off as a chav, get found on a crap TV show with a girl band, mime most of your concert, marry a half decent footballer, get him to cheat on you just before you go solo, get sympathy from the public so your sales rocket, judge on a crap TV show and mime on it when the crap wannabes have to sing live, game over.
Also saw a book and i read autobigraphies "Justin Bieber: First step 2 forever, My story", Brilliant! It goes something like this, mum and dad do the birds and the bees, i was an embryo, i crawled, i walked, i went to school, i got spotted, i was hyped up, i'm just growing soft facial hair, the end! I look forward to the follow up, my voice breaks, i do drugs, found with a lady of the night, make best friends with Macaulay Culkin and Britney Spears, the End! haha.

Oh also noticed another thing, i've not seen sun since i've got back LOL.

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