Friday, 8 October 2010

A week to forget and remember!

Well i'm writing this weeks update from a net cafe in town due to my laptop having a major meltdown. Now i'm not to worried about not being able to get on the net but i lost all my songs, pictures, movies and my paperwork including my sitcom and autobiography, bugger! Along with that my motorbike needs a new chain as the one thats on there could cause an accident, oh pooh! and to top it all off my amplifier went grrr, bang, somebody shoot me! All this happened within 4 days, so today bike is getting its new chain and laptop and amplifier are in a skip with a screrwdriver through them LOL.

Thats the bad week but on the other hand the bar is still full even to the point i used my emergency chairs and then had to borrow 5 more chairs from the roof garden restaurant across the road this week which i'm amazed at but i think after yesterday and todays change over it will get alot quieter but can't complain at all.

The taxman commeth and boy is it a biggy but then again you can't have a busy season and not expect a big tax bill, lets hope they don't hike up the tax rate to much by next season.

Kalamaki is starting to look like a ghost town now, places are starting to close and the tourists are less and less with each change over but i still have 2 weeks left open then its Toys R Us time woohoo!

Well time to go as this has now cost me 3 euro LOL

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