Thursday, 25 February 2010

Manchester tour almost here!

We'll the Oceanic tour continues on the 5th March with a trip to Manchester where i'll be meeting up with many friends and customers, if anyone who hasn't already contacted me would like to meet up for a drink Saturday night at the hotel i'm staying at then drop me an e-mail at

Today had my 24 hour ECG monitor results back ready for my medical trial and that is also 100% OK so its all systems go for the study on the 9th of March.

Started in Currys on Monday and the Manager has given me the job of Merchandising the whole store which is great as got lots to do, to be honest its a bit of a mess but after a week i'll have it looking like a store ready for its grand opening day, seen some nice appliances for helping with making my new drinks, wonder if i get discount LOL.

Its almost time for the Oceanic Awards, as my regular readers know every year just after the Oscars i have my own awards which i give to my lovely customers. These awards are rated higher than the Baftas, the Golden Globes and the Oscars, WHY? because the winners of the world famous "Oceanic" gets free alcohol, much better than a gold statue don't you think? haha.

And just in case there is any doubt or rumours going around that Oceanic is not opening this year like there has been the past 2 seasons i can say with a huge grin and spring in my step that it is open this season without a doubt, so that should now lay to rest any gossip, if i ever decide to close Oceanic it will be posted on here first for all to see.

Not long till season 2010 and my 10th year on Zakynthos, its my testimonial year in football terms, now what shall i do to celebrate, answers on a postcard to ...... LOL

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