Saturday, 20 February 2010

Something for the weekend!

So the weekends here and i have one last weekend of freedom to drink and be merry before i start work on Monday and not allowed alcohol until 16th April due to my medical trial.
On thurs as stated in the previous post i went in to my medical study for a 24 hour pre-medical monitor. Had the usual blood sample, urine sample, BMI (Body Mass Index) test and full medical check over with a doctor and i'm pleased to say i'm 100% fit also i have lost 11lb in weight since i was there last time, my exact weight is 10 stone 2lb so in fact i'm in better condition compared to a year ago, Woohoo! Am i the real Benjamin Button getting younger as i get older LOL.
Now with this test being as its a first time human study my body will be monitored 24/7 when i start it properly in 21 days time, i have to wear a portable ECG unit which looks like this:-

As you can see its lots of coloured sticky pads which are connected to a little box that records your vital signs. Now wearing it wasn't a problem, it was comfortable and didn't bleep like the bigger machines you see on the TV, the only problem comes when trying to go to sleep while wearing it. I was so worried about pulling one of the pads off or turning the machine off i just laid there flat on my back and kept on waking up to check everything was still attached and working, so i'll be shattered once i start the full test. Whenever i look at this pic the Six Million Dollar Man springs in to my head, that would be cool if come April 16th i had a Bionic arm, leg and eye. I could run in slow motion which in fact is superfast.

Remeber i told you that i had got Helen her "rock" well i've taken a picture of it to show you.

When i showed Helen the ring in this boxed she cried, thats because she knew i was taking it back to the shop as i had it out on loan for a week so thought i better take a picture of it for us to look back on when we remember the day we renewed our engagement. I know, I know, your thinking to yourself what lovely bloke i am taking a picture before i take it back, its not the giving of the ring its the thought that counts haha.

I also hear that alot of people are getting excited at the thought of my new cocktails i've devised all i can say is they are very fruity, very fresh, very yummy and you can't get them anywhere else only at Oceanic, so its a good job i've got customers that know a good cocktail when they taste one or two or three or four LOL.

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