Wednesday, 17 February 2010

So much to tell you, so little time!

Ok here goes, starting with last Friday even though Helen had proposed to me a while back i hadn't got the "Rock" she kept on about so i thought i'd be a good chap and get her the "Rock", unfortunately Barry Island was to far away now i live in Swansea so a stick of rock was out of the question so i got her a Gold Ring with 12 Diamonds around a central Emerald instead, everyones asking "whens the engagement party?" the answer "when we see you on Zakynthos" that way its a season long party. If anyone is thinking of getting us a present then i like black pudding but Helen would prefer cash or cheques are accepted with card number on the back LOL.

Tomorrow at 7am i am heading off for this years medical trial, this years study is to find out if a humans ear drum can last 1 hour of Cheryl Cole music, i can tell you straight away thats a no without even having to test me. Seriously i'm testing a new formula to help people with Type 2 Diabetes, Simbec is like a 3rd home now as i've been there so many times, i enjoy catching up with the staff, having 4 meals a day, watching Sky TV from my bed, morning papers delivered to my bed, WIFI connection, pool table, I guess its like a sterile Butlins holiday camp. Got to stay in 3 times overall, tomorrow is the first time and its just overnight. So study starts tomorrow and finishes on April 16th.

Which leads me to Manchester tour 5th-8th March i will still be there but now i can't drink, GOD DAMN IT! Looking forward to seeing everyone on the Friday and Saturday then Sunday is my time to relax before i head back in for the second part of the study on the 8th March.

Also i am now Senior Sales Advisor for Currys. No not the indian food, although i do like a good curry, i mean Currys Electrical Store, its one of the large ones on a shopping park so looking forward to that as the Manager is a good guy and wants me to re-merchandise his store and work the media section, so lots of TV's, HiFi's and computers, please no asking for discount as i'll be using it all myself, i need 2 items for my bar haha!

The new Oceanic menu is also finished tonight and its looking so good with the 6 new drinks i've devised, can't wait for you all to try them. Your gonna love them.

So for now i think thats it but now with all these things going on i'll have plenty to tell you about.

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