Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Time for a quicky, ooo eeer!

Well after a really great weekend in Manchester, Stockport, Bolton and Bury its now time for my medical study. I am writing this from my bed in my 3rd home Simbec Research Centre but this time they have 8 people on the study but only 6 will go through as 2 are reserves, BUGGER! Once they have done the pre-trial tests today the 6 with the best results will go on to finish the test. On Sunday i had a throat virus so this may affect my blood samples which could lead to being a reserve so i will know by late tonight or early in the morning. On a positive note i get 3 meals today, i get to lay in bed all day, watch sky tv and also get paid for it, WOOHOO!

So i will update later about the 3rd part of the Oceanic tour and don't forget this Sunday its the "Oceanics" the last of the high profile awards after the Oscars, so i will say tatty bye for now.

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