Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas to all my lovely customers, family and friends.

HO,HO,HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY LOVELY CUSTOMERS. (This saves a hell of alot on christmas cards)

Well its a cold, white and wet december with only 3 days to go till the big day but i have already had an early christmas present......crap factor is not No.1, WOOHOO! YABBA DABBA DO! LET THE BELLS RING OUT! UP YOUR WAZZOO SIMON COWELL! I like the 500,00 other people bought my copy of the classic Rage against the machines "Killing in the name" to help topple the evil Cowell and his dark empire of bland karaoke wannabe christmas number ones. Now don't get me wrong this has nothing to do with Joe Mcbigmac but i like the others were fed up with predictable christmas number ones from the crap factor. I in fact bought this song on its first release in 1992 along with their album (for those younger readers i have i'll explain, an album is what we used to buy to listen to songs on, before the CD, LOL) and i was playing rage against the machine at the rock club i worked in at the beginning of this year so i was promoting it 10 months ago haha!

All my presents have now been bought and wrapped, looking forward to christmas day to have the day off as its been a long hard physical 2 months at the store which has now taken its toll and feeling very tired, after all since May 4th i've only had 12 days off so its the first time i've been looking forward to a break, also really excited about going to London for new year as i've either DJ'd in a club or stayed in so it will be nice to get out have a meal and party at the Hard Rock.

I will update my blog every week from now till the start of the season so then we can all get excited about your holidays and we can all get built up until we're back on our beautiful island of Zakynthos.

Don't forget the Oceanic tour which in fact is kicking off in Carmarthen on Boxing day where we are meeting up with a few holidaymakers from this season, then London 30th Jan-2nd Dec followed by Dublin 5th-8th Feb after that Blackpool or Bury or Manchester in March not sure which yet as still looking at hotels with weekend offers for 3 nights but none available to book until after new year and then York at begining of April finishing with a weekend in Ilfracombe or Weston-super-mare before we fly out at the end of April.

Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and hope you don't have to much turkey and sprouts to get through. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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