Friday, 25 December 2009

Its Christmas!

A merry happy drunken christmas to you all.

Well i must have been a very good boy for santa this year as my presents were the best yet.
Santa didn't get stuck in my chimney as i haven't got one.
I had 3 walnuts that were put in a marbles bag so i guess its a 2 in 1 present which means i have to use the walnuts as marbles until i get bored then eat them.
A satsuma without mold on it, without pips in it and the skin polished to perfection.
A hessian sack to cut up and to line my soless boots.
But the icing on the cake this christmas for me was in fact the icing on the cake as last year there wasn't any.
My traditonal christmas dinner was better than even Heston Blumenthal could come up with, brown papper that tasted of a goose with fresh vegetable peel which included the skins of potatoes, carrots, parsnip and the outside leaves of sprouts all served on my lap.
So all together its been a great day so far and already counting down the days till next christmas.

Hope you all got what you wanted from the big man in red as i was very spoilt as you can see.


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