Wednesday, 9 December 2009

And so the Oceanic tour begins!

As promised i said there would be an Oceanic tour and i begin that tour in London on the 30th Dec till Jan 2nd, "KNEES UP MOTHER BROWN, KNEES UP MOTHER BROWN", Blimey just got off the dog and bone wiv the hotel geezer and got a blindin bargain for 3 nights including new years eve and breakfast included, £120, thats for all 3 nights not per night or per person, RESULT! To save taking the jam jar me and me bird booked a Pat Roach from Swansea to London return £24 per person, LOVELY JUBLEY! So its a bit of a spending spree, take in a show, new years eve night at Hard Rock Cafe then down to the Thames for the fireworks, "ROLL OUT THE BARREL". Taking a fair bit of bangers and mash to hit Arrods, get some jellied eels and visit the Michael Jackson Exhibition, "MAYBE ITS BECAUSE I'M A WOOLYBACK THAT I LOVE LONDON TOWN".

On to February (January is wallet recovery month LOL) and its over to sunny Ireland and Dublin thats Feb 5th till the 7th maybe 8th "TO BE SURE!" Bring on the Six Nations rugby, on the 6th Ireland play Italy at home (HOORAY) and Wales play England at Twickenham (BOOOOOO!) so that will be a great day "TOP OF THE MORNING TO YAH!" not sure of where we're staying yet maybe a hotel but may be staying with Helens brother, see what we decide. Think that will be a good weekend all round you may want to join us "GO ON, GO ON, GO ON, GO ON, GO ON" lots of eating out and lots of real proper Guinness "DRINK, FEK, DRINK".

So if anyone would like to meet up with us on one of those days in London or Dublin at some point just e-mail me at my new e-mail address and i will give you all the details of where we're staying and what times we'll be around.

So now you have the start of the tour dates what else has been going on in the life of Kev, well i got the must have Go Go Hamster, see thats the plus point of working for the worlds biggest toy store. He is the most popular of the Hamsters and his name is Mr. Squiggles, aawwwwww! "Any takers, roll up roll up get your Go Go Hamster here".

Since i've been home i've been working 6 out of 7 days every week but one week they were kind enough to give all the night shift a night off, wow miracles do happen, well it is christmas after all. So i looked at what was going on and treated ourselves to a night in Cardiff with a Thai restaurant, a night in a hotel and the icing on the christmas cake, tickets to see Eddie Izzard in concert. I haven't laughed so much since watching Dumb and Dumber for the first time in Crete in 1995, my eyes were watering and my jaw was aching, absolutely brilliant, if you can get a hold of his "Stripped" concert on DVD for Christmas get it, i want a jazz chicken, you'll understand if you watch the DVD.

Well thats it for now but i will try to update my dull blog weekly from now on but i am very busy and tired now what with Santa being a right git getting us to do so much work and soon making us work 10 days straight through, you wouldn't believe what a nightmare boss he is. Oh yes, you just see the lovely gentle red suited old man with his groomed white beard and his "Ho Ho Ho" and "Merry Christmas everybody" when really he's a smelly, grotty, mince pie munching alcoholic who does one days work every year. Do you know why christmas only comes once a year? No, its not cause its the birthday of some guy called Jesus its cause little Saint Nic is to piddled to get off his fat ass to do anything until Dec 25th, why do you think Rudolph has a red nose? Its cause he's Mr. Christmas's drinking buddy.

Anyhooo time for sleep as just got in from my night shift, HAHA!

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