Tuesday, 15 December 2009

BA cabin crew strike, poor things, awwwww!

Well blow me down with a feather, BA cabin crew are going on strike for 12 days because of their jobs, pay and working conditions. GOD NO!

I agree with them completely!

After all look at the terrible uniforms they have to wear which is given to them, OUTRAGEOUS!

All that walking they have to do up and down the aisles, they must cover metres and metres, BLESS!

Wearing all that make up, must take them hours to trowel it on, must play havoc with their back and neck muscles all that weight, POOR THINGS!

Having to put on that fake stroppy attitude as though they're better than you cause they can push a trolley while saying "would you like any over priced drinks sir?", HEARTBREAKING!

The humiliation of not having to do the emergency procedure as now they show it on the planes TV's which gives them even less to do, I'M ALMOST IN TEARS!

And the final straw that broke the camels back the 2/3 day stop over in another country on a long haul flight, THATS IT I'M A CRYING WRECK!

You can see where they're coming from can't you after all nurses got it easy, a soldiers life is a walk in the park, miners don't even break in to a sweat, steel workers are having a laugh, police have got no pressure what so ever, teachers may as well not even be there as all pupils are such angels.

In case you don't know me that well i'm being sarcastic LOL.

There are plenty of people who would step in to their shoes in heartbeat and probably do a better job than alot i've met on flights with BA, in this dark age of recession they should be lucky that they've even got jobs and should be thankful they're only having hours cut not having the jobs taken away from them, and as for working conditions thats the biggest joke of all, its not like they were given the job, never shown a plane before then told "right thats a plane and your on it for 12 hours, get on with it" The job of cabin crew has been the same since air travel began in fact the conditions have got better, better seats, better uniforms, better food (just) and even on a 3 1/2 hour flight i've seen the cabin crew for the matter of 90 mins all together, thats not bad hours of work, then for the other 2 hours they talk about where they're going on their night off and which guy/girl they've decided to call up for a drink on the night out in question.

So stop being prima donnas, get back on those planes and stop making peoples lives a misery over the holiday season or we'll all make your life hell when you want to serve us mid air, VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

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