Saturday, 2 May 2009

So long and thanks for all the fish!

For those of you that have ever read or watched Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy the heading for this post is what the Dolphins said when they decided to leave earth before its destruction.

Yes my friends and foe its time for me to leave this wonderful rain drenched land and head for, well, a rain drenched land, BUGGER! Its been raining on Zakynthos but as soon as i get there with my jolly manner and dodgy smile the sun will put his hat on hip hip hip hooray! My bar is calling me and people are having bets to see if i've done a runner or not from the island, unfortunately for the gossips on the island i'm on my way back, so how silly will they look LOL.
This bloody credit crunch has stopped me getting my decking and 2 new sofas but hopefully by june the millions will be in and i can upgrade a few things, my yacht needs a new jacuzzi, oh well i'll have to fart in the bath instead to make the bubbles haha.

There are a few things i have to do when i get there at 6am Mon, get my bike started, pay my taxes, pay my beer supplies, pay my accountant, pay my landlord, pay for music licence, pay my electric bill and clean up the bar and get it ready by 7pm, WOW think i'll stay home, not much to do as you can see, OH MY GOD!
But i will be open, i may not be alive come tuesday but i would have opened LOL

So i shall bid ye all fairywell thy lovely oldy worldy folk and see thee in more clement climes in thy country of thee gods.

Touche Turtle, AWAY!

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