Thursday, 30 April 2009

No more smelling of chicken, my oven days are over.

Well thats it, the end of an era. My Days as a Janitor and bakery/chicken oven cleaner are over, awwwww! I'm gonna miss those greasy, filthy, fat and BBQ covered ovens. I'm gonna miss sweeping up crumbs, flour and doughnut jam. I'm gonna miss cleaning toilets that i don't know how many bums its seen in an hour. Wow after reading that back i can't believe i'm really gonna miss it LOL.

Well i've met some really nice people while working at the rock club and the supermarket and here is the hall of fame:-

The Rock Club:- Dan the Man - what a great guy, i hope he can move on from where he is as he would make a great bar manager with one of the big brewery companies.
Jimmy - What can i say this guy has one of the best bands i've heard in a long time.
Maddy - The ultimate rock chick, a great bass player and all round good egg.

The Suprmarket:- Laura (my boss) - Lovely lady and a pleasure to work for.
John the Demon Baker - This guy works his nuts off to give you all those lovely cakes and bread and always had time for a chat.
Security Guys - These guys were great, had a chat every day when i came in and the odd laugh at the shop lifters

I shall miss you all but will keep in touch i hope.

Now then as we all know with every positive there is a negative, so now for the hall of shame:-

The Rock Club:- NONE.

The Supermarket:- God where do i start. Well all the managers and duty managers who seem to think cause your a cleaner that you can be talked to like your something they've stepped in, if i smile at you or say hi it doesn' take much to smile back you don't have to say hi but i didn't even get a smile, most looked away or or gave you a look like they had some stinky cheese under their nose, perhaps they may have thought i had pig flu after cleaning ovens that the cumberland sausages were cooked in LOL. Anyway you get respect by treating people with respect.

So 3 more days and i'm off but got loads to do and very little time so i will say my final farewell on here Saturday night then update when i get to Zakynthos, YEEHAAAAAAA!

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