Sunday, 10 May 2009

" Here comes the summer! "

Well i've arrived, i've opened and its going good for the first week.

So i arrived at 6am on mon 4th to a fanfare of dogs barking and cockrels crowing, the resort of Kalamaki was asleep with only local cats prowling the streets after the heavy night before. So no time like the present i threw my bags in and set to work on opening my bar, started 7am and bar was ready by 9pm that same night, shame i had no stock LOL. So i decided to open tuesday and have had a better than expected start for the first 4 nights so lets hope it continues on my 5th night. As thought there had been rumours started over here that i'd done a runner or that i wasn't coming back but i find this all very strange as i don't talk to anyone over here during winter and the winters must be dull on Zakynthos for people to be talking about me as my life is as exciting and fast paced as a snail race, but if it keeps them happy then carry on i say.

Good news - my bike started first time, i didn't owe anyone any extra cash, the tornado didn't damage my bar and my water pump didn't need a kick to get it started.

Bad news - My mint is still the same size as last year, one of my rechargable candles won't charge, i stubbed my big toe on a empty gas bottle and someone had broke in and stole my menus (obviously wanting my secret recipes for my unique cocktails) but apart from that its all good.


My bike is poorly sick so i have had to take it to the bike doctors where its having a full medical and having a punctured tyre made better, awww poor bikey, there there nice mister greek man will make you well again LOL.

My first day out and about relaxing today and boy did i need it, nice sun lounger, ice cold pool, chilled peach ice tea and hot sunshine, today i used the pool at the Meandros Hotel and if this pool was at the location of the Crystal Beach Hotel it would be number one on my list but the Crystal Beach is still the best in resort.




Well thats it for my first update from Zakynthos but will keep you informed with all the news and my life on this lovely island. Having my first sunday roast tonight at my friends Veronica and Dereks restaurant "The Lighthouse". Now before anyone starts going off on one saying your in Greece why you eating english food these are the reasons:-

1/ Its the only english meal i eat all week

2/ I'm out here for 6 months not 1 or 2 weeks

3/ I always cook my own food so its nice for a treat

4/ Its bloody good LOL the best sunday roast anywhere i've worked abroad but of course not as good as my mums, no ones is.

A Lighthouse sunday roast.

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