Friday, 15 May 2009

Its all good!

Well what can i say, been open now 11 days and had a good start even though its quiet. If it wasn't for the fact its cold at night i think the bar would be full as only 4 tables empty every night and these are outside in the open.

My bike is back from the doctors and she's purring like a cat thats found a tin of whiskers and learnt how to open the ring pull lid. So i took it apart and gave it a damn got scrub and its so bright and shinny you would think it was new.

Also due to fact the phantom menu nicker took some of my menus i've made some new ones with my new cocktails on, a customer called me "the Heston Blumenthal of the drinks world", cheeky sod i know i'm going thin on top and wear glasses but i ain't bald yet LOL a nice compliment never the less.

Got some new pictures for the bar and new lights so its all lit up like the mother ship from close encounters of the third kind "BEE, BOO, BEE, BOO, BOO" LOL. You can't miss my bar now on the old road its the second spaceship on your right as you come from the main strip.

Also i've become a bit of a tit, sorry i meant Alan Titmarsh although some people may think the first description LOL i decided to plant some seed but think i may have got it wrong, 12 packets in one flower box, well the seeds were so small didn't look much, hate gardening anyway so can't wait to see them grow, then die off so i don't have to look after them haha.

Right time for shower and connect up new sign lights. byyyeee!

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