Saturday, 23 May 2009

Places to visit while on Zakynthos PART 1.

I've been around a few of my favourite places today taking pictures for you to see some places i highly recommend visiting if you have a car or bike while on the island.

This is a little taverna on a ridge between Kalamaki and the peak of Mount Skopos, you can walk to it via the end of Kalamaki beach or there is a road which you can access from Argassi or main road from Kalamaki to Town.

Up a hill at the back of Argassi you will find Target Restaurant, this is a lovely restaurant with a great greek night and excellent service with friendly staff with the most beautiful view over Argassi and Zakynthos town.

On to Zakynthos town and you have the main port road (pic 1) with plenty of cafe's and restaurants my favourite along the port road is The Village Inn. Then at the end of the port road you have Solomos Square (pic 2) where you can sit outside a cafe and watch the world go by, Base is a great place to relax with a ice cold coffee (frappe), then maybe if you wanted to eat away from the traffic of the port road try St. Markou Square (pic 3) with 4 restaurants to choose from all good.

And my first tour of the island for you wouldn't be complete without a trip to Bocali up above and behind Zakynthos town, this is a must even if its a taxi journey for the day or night, i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Well thats my first guide done and will post more as i do my seasonal tour of the island. Hope your as lucky as me and get to visit some of the places i've shown.

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