Saturday, 4 April 2009

Vets and Doctors!

Well Petra has settled in like she's been running this house for all of her 2 years and its only been a week but unfortunately i think she's been hanging around with Beagles in the dog shelter that she was in as she has a bad smokers cough and we all know how many ciggy's Beagles smoke, i think they led her astray (or should that be ashtray) and went behind the kennel sheds for a quick Marlboro LOL. The poor little girl has "Kennel cough" and had to go to the vets this morning as she was coughing all day yesterday and through the night, she only stops coughing when laying down still but she snores like hell haha. Don't worry readers its not a serious virus, the dog shelter vet told us on the phone that human medicine Benalyn (yes you read right) and honey is good for the cough plus no excercise, so for a second opinion i took her to my vet and he charged me £37 for antibiotics, what the (bleep)! So prices are going up in the bar as this dog could be costing me a fortune LOL

As you know i do medical research trials twice a year and as yet the doctors haven't given me my research for April as they haven't got the dates yet but the trials i've been offered are a cream to get a head out of an ass which is being developed for Gordon Brown (UK prime minister), a pill to stop verbal diarrhoea for Simon Cowell (American idol, X factor) and a cleptomainiac cream for Madonna and Angelina Jolie to stop them picking up children. So no medical trial as yet but will keep you posted.

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