Friday, 24 April 2009

Tonight there is a new star shining brightly in the sky.

Early in the morning i had a call to let me know that a lovely little boy had passed away and that little boy was Daniel. Daniel was the son of good friends of mine Joanne and Steve who visit me in Zakynthos every night of their holiday and we are in touch while in the UK.

Daniel was such a lovely, well behaved, good mannered little boy and was always willing to help me by either collecting glasses or pretending to take orders, he was never any trouble and a ray of sunshine whenever in Oceanic. He had the energy and fun like his hero "Captain Jack Sparrow" which he would sit quietly in the corner of my bar and watch the film on his little portable DVD player with his eyes wide and bright with excitement until he slowly fell asleep and curled up on a sofa to dream sweet dreams. It was a joy to have him in my bar and everyone got on with the little guy whoever he talked to. The corner of my bar where he sat will be forever Daniel's corner and even though he has gone i will never let him be forgotten. Daniel is with the angels now where he will fit in perfectly and feel at home due to his loving nature and kindness. Sweet dreams little one.

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