Thursday, 6 October 2011

Woohoo, I'm coming home!

So just 2 weeks left for me and I'm on my flight back home. So looking forward to having a tiny break from work and of course to spending time with Helen, been a hard year for Helen so will be glad to be there for her when times get tough and she needs me.

So lets start with my birthday bash at the bar. What can i say my customers made it a great night with cards and presents which was very kind of them. One of my new regular couples (sorry about forgetting your names, its my age you see LOL) brought me over from the UK two bottles of Brains Welsh bitter and oh my god did they go down a treat, as you can see they didn't last long enough for me to take a picture of the bottles with the beer in.

Well still doing amazing trade and full at some point during the nights even at this time of the season but after todays change over i think all that will change as lost 21 customers today and very little coming back in so will have to wait and see what the change overs bring. Everyone i owed money to is paid up full and money put aside for my tax so its a nice calm run in till the end of the season. I think after this weekend many places will start to close as the resort is like a ghost town in the days and not much busier at night from what I've been told. I'm still closing around 3am but the nights are now getting colder and we had rain this afternoon and due rain all weekend.

So now the big question, whats happening with Total Wipeout. Well still no contact as yet but i guess no news is good news and they did say i could be contacted up to 3 weeks before having to be on show, so I'm still waiting for my phone to ring to hear from them. I thinks its the longest time I've ever kept my phone with me LOL

Back home i've already ordered a roast beef dinner with my mum as nothing beats your mums roast dinner and to be honest why would I want to eat British food when in Greece. The two foods don't even compare, British food is so bland and dull, Pies, Cod in Batter, Sausages and Egg, Full English breakfast etc etc No spices or herbs in it just salt and pepper but Greek food just always tastes so good no matter what dish I've eaten even lambs testicles and stuffed intestines LOL. I didn't touch British food all season this year so 2 weeks on holiday without it for me would be a breeze haha.

I think that i will update next once home in the UK with my review of the season and whats in store for me through the winter.

Only a short update today i know but not really up to much in the daytime now, just wanting these two weeks to fly by so I'm back home with the people i love around me as its been a long physically demanding season. So looking forward to seeing my family and Helen again and be able to go out with them and enjoy a well earned rest, not for too long of course, i go crazy doing nothing LOL.

So until I'm back in the UK that's the last update from the island and all that's left to say is COME ON WALES! and VIVE LA FRANCE! LOL

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