Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Is it home time yet? I need a holiday!

Well its Update time again. Hooray! I hear you cry.

So just over 3 weeks to go and back to good old wet and windy blighty, quite looking forward to it to be honest but lets update you with whats going on out here shall we, are you all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

The weather now is starting to look unpredictable, still hot in day and warm at night which is strange for this time of season as usually got my outdoor heaters out for the night time by now but i think once we have one more bad day of weather the temps will then drop. Getting a few clouds creeping in to the daytime but still good enough to get by the pool or beach.
As for the resort its quiet, as for the bar its still very busy but it is busy earlier now and closing earlier which means plenty of time to watch Columbo LOL. In saying that i still get nights where I'm closing 3-4am but it seems to be every other night now instead of every night like a week ago.
Its seems from what I've been hearing that a few places may be closing next season and some people are moving back to the UK but i always take this kind of gossip with a pinch of salt and it goes in one ear and out the other. Unless I'm told it by the people involved i just don't take much notice of it.

Next month i start my quest around every resort getting every business owner to sign a petition to stop the issuing of AI licenses then hand it in to the Mayor and licensing office. Its a huge task ahead of me but someone has to get the ball rolling and i don't see much of anyone else doing anything except online groups and tourists petitions but these are great for the support but won't really make a difference to the cause. So i better find a comfy pair of trainers, got a lot of walking to do, oh my poor feet.

While in town the other day i came across the famous cycle race "Tour De Zakynthos" i must say it was going at a hell of a pace, if your a snail that is. It reminded me of the slow bicycle race my school used to have on the annual sports day along with the gold medal classics such as egg & spoon race, hula hoop race and the Olympian age old tradition The Sack Race. Not sure if they had a gold jersey for the leader as i missed the front runners but it was very exciting! I'm sure i just saw Eddy Merckx.

The annual Tour De Zakynthos, wish I'd brought my tandem.

No news on Winter Wipeout as yet. Sent my UK doctors note to them yesterday giving me a full bill of health and they replied saying they will be in touch so its a sit and wait by the phone job, better make sure its fully charged at all times, don't want to miss the call do i? Every night i go to bed dreaming of Big Red Balls. Stop sniggering, some of you have your brains in the gutters LOL.

I've become an addict, i know, I'm very sorry but i just can't stop, its so difficult. Ebay is so bad for you, its like gambling. I'm looking to bid on anything just to see if i win it. So far bought a new phone that was out 8 years ago, a 4gb memory card for that phone, my motorbike, a video media player without the charger ( it looks new in packet, i got the charger for it) and saddle bags for my motorbike. I spend hours looking at peoples tat. Now i'm looking at gold discs for the bar, laser lights, and a bed with a tv in the foot of it. Is there a clinic for people with Ebay addiction LOL.

Well my good good people its time to clean my apartment and hang my clothes up, should have gone to the pool today but it will be there tomorrow and its my birthday so got to do something tomorrow just to forget I'm 43. I know, would you believe it, I've made it to 43 with all my boyish handsome looks still in tact. I have an amazing plastic surgeon you know haha.

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