Sunday, 4 September 2011

Total Wipeout, I'm coming to get yah!

Well after long discussions and mental torture i got to do it, i'm going to the Total Wipeout audition on Friday. Its all booked and i'm ready for it. I fly back to Cardiff Thursday with Helen and see our new home which i'm so excited about. Then Friday i have the audition for Total Wipeout in Cardiff, Saturday i travel up to London. Then on to Gatwick for my early morning flight on Sunday to be back on the island to open Sunday evening 7pm as usual. What a jet setter life i lead LOL. I'm not nervous about it at all but i will say this it will be nice to have a break even just for 3 days as its been none stop since first week of June and no let up even now. So all i can do is apologies so so so much for those coming out around those 3 days and me not being open but its a once in a lifetime chance and you got to take your chances while they're there but i will definately be back open Sunday 11th at 7pm so please pop in to see me then and i will give you all the run down on how i got on and i will update my blog Sunday afternoon.

So we're on the home straight now for the season and the finishing post is in sight. August, well what can i say i would never have thought that it would have been my busiest and best month ever. August is usual a pretty average month, hitting targets but nothing to over the top but this August KA-BOOM, absolutely nuts, where did all the people come from. Then regular customers of mine Brian and Penny brought in a page from an Easyjet in flight magazine and guess which bar was featured for Zakynthos, yeah you got it, little old Oceanic Chill Out Bar. I couldn't believe it when i saw it, how cool is that. All though the description is a little off whoever researched it as i'm not open in the day. Still, eh, my bar being featured in an in flight magazine on every Easyjet flight around Europe, perhaps thats why August was so mad haha.

Page from magazine, bit small after scan but i'm sure you can figure out how to zoom in to read it, maybe click on it and it will show larger. It says my cocktails are becoming legendary, well i'm not sure about that, i just do my job.

Now then who tried the foil on the mobile phone for better wifi connection, come on hands up, i was kidding, it doesn't help at all but what you actually need to do is hold a banana to the top of the phone and that will definately work, go on try it now out on the street or in the coffee shop where you are LOL.

So i have a few questions to put to you. As you know i'm a great thinker and always searching for answers for crap questions so here we go:-

1/ Why do so many tourists when walking around a resort look so miserable?

2/When a toilet roll comes to the end and there is a spare roll there why doesn't anyone change it over instead of reaching far behind to on top of the cistern?

3/Why do Greeks ride scooters with 1 leg hanging out to the side when at the speed they're going they ain't going to be able to stand up and run if they come off their bike?

4/On Karaoke when someone sings "I'm to sexy" why do they feel the need to take their top off even when they're not a body beautiful?

5/When people order a small or large beer why do they feel the need to mime the size even though they know i can speak English?

Just a few of the many rubbish questions floating around in the void of my head where a brain should be LOL.

Went to one of my favourite bars last night with Helen as it was a bit of a quiet night and got out early (3am), Island Bar, set on the hill side on the very edge of Argassi as you head to Vassilikos. Love it there, even though its loud banging european crap dance music blasting out i still feel chilled out there due to the surroundings and people, no loud drunks, everyone dressed to impress, everyone just kicking back having a good time in conversation with a view that stretches from Argassi all the way across to the far end of Zakynthos town. When i'm there i forget i have a business here, it just seems like i'm one of locals enjoying a drink. At 8 euro for a single vodka and sprite i make sure i enjoy my drink haha.

Not much more to say as its been all work and no play what with it being so busy but i will now update you when i get back from my audition in the UK.

Singing "Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye, Cheerio, here i go, on my way."

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