Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Modern Technology, what a pain!

Well i've been trying access my blog for days now but needed to varify my blog account via e-mail address, only problem is the e-mail address i opened this blog with was closed down years ago but all sorted now so i can keep on blogging baby!

So lets update you on all thats wonderful on this beautiful island.

Lets start with the resorts, people are saying there are lots of people walking about but thats just it thats all they're doing is walking about as i'd say now only half the resort is of british nationality tourists, we have Slovakian, Serbian, Polish, Chech, Dutch, Swiss, German, Finnish and other nationalities, maybe its time to translate our sign boards in to 20 languages.

Kalamaki has a new traffic control system either side of the block which Drunk Corner is on, its called "a Crossing" shame no one knows what the white lines mean as still no one stops, must have had a emulsion stock pile that needed using.

Weather is warming up in the daytime but seems to be dropping again at night, it did this last year in the last week of May it got a little chilly.

Well the bar is going really well, as i said had my record night ever in May since opening on the 22nd but then went and beat that on the 24th and beat it again on the 25th but the past 3 nights have been very quiet indeed but after having the bar for 5 years now i know how my seasons go and this week is always my quietest of the season and starts to pick up again after all the families have gone back but in saying that still taking more than i did last year at this time and hit my monthly target on the 22nd so not complaining one bit just get a bit bored doing nothing as my regulars know i can't do nothing and sit still, well early evening i sit still as i'm reading my book but even then i got to keep getting up, strange how i can't relax in a relaxed bar LOL.

Started to get the bar ready for the summer months, all the sofas are out, taken the one wall down but still weather is unpredictable, had a thunder storm and 10 mins of rain yesterday afternoon and as soon as the rain stopped it was blazzing hot again, so my sofas have been in and out all week, good exercise and training if i ever become a removal man.

My good friends John and Sue are going great guns up in Alykanas, for where its located i can't see any of the other businesses doing as well as them in the centre of the resort. They are getting a bit of stick from one or two Alykanas faithful tourists, maybe they don't like ice cream but if you want some of the best tasting ice cream i've ever tried (and i've tried alot, fat git) and meet 2 very genuine "what you see is what you get" type people then get down to Redskins. In all my years of working abroad and not just on Zakynthos John and Sue are the real deal, not false in any way. Malibu ice cream ROCKS!

Helen arrives back in 2 weeks for her second visit which she really does deserve the break, she's having such a difficult time at home coming to terms with her mum's condition that even her mum said to go and enjoy a break and also house seems to be taking forever. Now when she came out in May i asked for 2 books, Keith Richards and Peter Kay's autobiographies, when she arrived i was given Micheal Mckintyre's autobiography and Peter Kay was left at home so i'm not asking for any books this time just in case i end up with Thora Herds autobigraphy, bet thats a right rollercoaster, all tea & scones and she was late for sunday mass on Songs of Praise once LOL.

So there we go, thats it for now but just so glad to be able to access blog again. Time to get ready for work.

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