Wednesday, 15 June 2011

And the records keep on tumbling.

Good morning readers. And how are we today? Well its a bit overcast here today so good time to update the blog with more of my ramblings.

Lets start with out and about shall we. Took a ride around the resorts this week, Argassi, Laganas, Tsilivi and Alykes/Alykanas and had a look around pools and on beaches. Trying to get down to Vassilikos tomorrow. Well considering they are saying tourism is up you wouldn't think it by the resorts. Out of all the resorts Tsilivi and Kalamaki seem to be the busiest, Argassi, Alykes/Alykanas and Laganas were all very quiet, hardly anyone on the streets and not much more around the pools and on the beaches lets hope that the high season period brings these resorts more custom.

I've never known so many scottish to honour my bar with their presence, easily half my bar is made up by them but then again they know a good drink when they get one, also some have a great taste in music, haven't listened to half the songs they've asked for since i was between the age of 9-12. Ahh my punk years when a 9 year old wore tartan bondage trousers and a Dennis the Menace mohair jumper with an anarchy t-shirt under it, Bristol Zoo didn't know what had hit it on my school trip that year haha.

It seems AI customers do leave their hotels, been getting quite a few in every other night from the Bitzaro Grande and Carretta Beach also had some come up all the way from Louise Zante Hotel in Lagana who stayed all night but compared to how many of them are actually staying at these hotels this is a tiny percentage and they are killing the bottom end of the new strip. I just hope that the powers that be don't allow anymore licences for AI's otherwise this island may as well go back to being farmland and AI hotels only.

Weathers been a bit strange the past week, really high winds, thunder storms, a few clouds, cold at night but no rain thank god. Never known weather like it for this time of season especially at night as its usually boiling by now.

It seems i have a new nickname "Fargo" from a programme call "A town called Eureka" never heard of it myself but i've been told i look like a guy off it who's called Fargo. After doing a bit of googling i was quite surprised at what i found as i was expecting some buck tooth freaky geek but in fact he's just a normal looking guy, i've been called worse, Jon Bon Jovi when i had long hair back in the 90's, Elton John, now thats just plain rude and Graham Norton more than any, thats just crushing haha. To be honest i've been called more explicit things than that but this is a family friendly blog LOL.

Went up to see John and Sue "Izzy's @ Redskins" for my weekly ice cream, i'm sure they're trying to kill me with bringing out new flavours every time i visit, this time mint choc chip made with creme de menthe, mmmmmm i also had a scoop of Malibu ice cream and a scoop of toffee. They have a lovely original bedford ice cream van they plan to use next season and it was vandalised by some coward who either is from another business or customers from another business. Why can't businesses on this island just get on thinking about what they're doing and stop worrying about what other businesses are doing. I see so many waiters, bar staff and businesses owners driving around the resort looking at how busy competition is its crazy. If you drove past a business that was busy and your own business was empty surely this would cheese you off even more. Its just better to concentrate on your own business and forget what others are doing and how busy they are. I'm glad i live in my own little bubble and not bothered what others are doing, just keep my head down and get on with it.

Speaking of businesses, on the 10/6/11 i had my best night ever (this is "and the records keep tumbling" part) not just for June but out of any night over the past 4 years, i was amazed and shocked as never thought i would do that this season and to top that last night i beat it again by quite a bit. I didn't stop from 10.45pm till 2am. Usually i pour myself my first alcoholic drink at 10pm but didn't get chance to get one till 12.15am and didn't finish drinking that drink till 1.45am as i was kept on my toes, you ever tasted a pint of bitter warm, blurgh LOL At some point every night now the bar is full, Not bad for mid June eh!

So for family and friends who read this, if any of you knows of a doctor who's good at body transplants please get in touch as at the end of this seasons if it continues this way i'll need a new one.

So until next week i'll leave you with this thought, Why do the people on the noddy trains look so miserable? After all it was their choice to get on it. Seeee yaaaah!

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