Friday, 19 November 2010

Christmas, bah humbug!

As you most probably know from previous years i'm not really a christmas kind of guy, hate christmas pudding, hate the cold, christmas decorations are a pain in the ass just for 4 weeks, and i guess soon santa claus will be banned for political correctness after all he is a strange old man creeping around a childs bedroom while hes asleep, you know it will happen one day.

Toys R Us is in full swing but god its torture listening to christmas songs all through the night for 9 hours, i've heard this year 4 versions of "santa claus is coming to town", 3 versions of "Santa claus is coming to town" and 2 versions of "these are a few of my favourite things" is this song a christmas song? and thats in just 1 night thats without all the other crap christmas songs, now i do like 2 songs from christmas though these are Greg Lake's "I believe in father christmas" and Chris de Burgh's "A spaceman came travelling" they aren't your usually christmas type jingle bell sounding tripe LOL.

Since i've been working nights i've seen kids dragging their parents around the store demanding they want this and that and the parents grabbing the toy quickly before the child can throw themselves on the floor kicking and screaming and thats just the emo stroppy teenagers. Then once the said item is placed in the trolley they are followed by the words "now you don't have this till christmas day as santa has to bring it" WHAT? so their paying cash for it at the till in front of the child and the child is expected to believe that santa still exsists, so has santa now been employed by parcelforce just to deliver the presents. I can't believe he's not a real person, i'm shocked.

Also its getting towards the christmas party period where lots of guys will be getting the Hi Karate and Brut splashed on trying to look macho with just a shirt on in minus degree temps (and trousers and shoes of course) with mistletoe strapped to their head, while the ladies walk the streets with wine bottles drinking out of them like the local wino, dresses 2 sizes to small that doesn't do much for their Michelin tyre man figures with silly head wear such as antlers or flashing santa hats, yes very funny indeed. Only the other night as i walked to work i saw 3 guys and 4 girls walking to the main bar street in Swansea, it had been raining 5 mins before i saw them and as i passed them 3 of the girls were barefoot with their shoes in hand walking on rain soaked pavements, classy. Now i know that the street cleaners in Swansea do an excellent job but this street is known for people drinking outside so spilt drinks, broken bottles and glasses, drunk people being sick, guys using it as a public toilet and thats without the dogs using it (i mean the 4 legged kind), so my question is why do women buy shoes that they can only wear to stand still in? its always a good look for women, bottle in one hand, shoes in other and eye make-up running where they have had a row with a friend, don't you just love christmas.

So its time for a little nap now if i can as i've got a long night ahead of playing with toys, seen some really good ones which are quite fun so my nights are very entertaining, not much work getting done but very entertaining never the less LOL.

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