Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What do you want from me, BLOOD? Yes please LOL

Well i'm back in the Simbec medical clinic having my medical trial again and its all going well 5 days in. The first day was very manic what with having 12 needles within 10 hours and an ECG and blood pressure test before every needle but now i'm down to 1 a day with my tablets first thing in the morning, 4 more days to go and thurs its back to 12 needles again.

I have my usual penthouse suite here with a great view from my bed.


I must say though that this time around the room has got a certain how do you say, farty ass smell about it, think these tablets must be having this effect cause im very gas free most of the time LOL. If methane could be stored and used at this moment i'd never have an energy bill ever again.

This morning for some bizzare reason we are having a carol concert, now with me being a reverend i feel its a bit to soon in the day and in the month, in fact i just wouldnt have it full stop. It will sound better than X Factor though that i'm sure of. I mean, im sure that X Factor is passed off as a singing contest and all that i've seen is average karaoke singers or droning turds, got to give it to her though Rebecca has got a voice but if she didn't have a mic stand to stand behind i don't know what she'd do. Again she has one of those voices like Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis and Anastacia at first its like wow what a great voice but after 3 songs its boring. Also has every song she's sung been down tempo? God her concert would be so dull like like Westlife and Leona all bloody ballads, BORING! I'm sure i must be watching a different show when i hear the judges making their comments and they're the experts, no wonder the charts are so crap these days. Can you tell that X factor winds me up haha.

This year at Simbec we have been blessed with the most wonderous christmas display, i was told that the window dresser that puts together the window of Selfridges in London was brought in to add some flare to the decorations and i have to say i was blown away, it was money well spent getting them in.

Well not much more to say really apart from all the staff and nurses here are as wonderful as every, always happy and chatty which is a great thing to have when your in here for 9 days or more and it always helps when the other victims i mean patients in the clinic are good people to get along with, never had a medical trial yet with a bad person on it, yet.

Oh yes i almost forgot, this time we were allowed 5 mins yard time on saturday for some fresh air which was so good to be outside and i hate snow so i must have needed some fresh air or it might just have been good to get away from the green gas that was in the penthouse, it always seems to be thicker first thing in the morning LOL.

So i will post again in a fortnight. As i said due to it being winter time i won't update it weekly like when its season time but i'll try to keep you all entertained until its time to be back in the sun again on Zakynthos.

Tatty bye everybody, tatty bye.

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