Thursday, 9 September 2010

Anyone need a cowboy on Zakynthos?

Its been another fun packed week here on the island where i was called to do some plumbing work so out come "The Yee-Haa Kid" with his set of tools that consists of a toffee hammer and a butter knife and off to work i went. Got to my friends house and his water pump wawsn't working to clever, so after a long look at it, a large intake of breathe i utter those immortal tradesman words "looks like a big job" and followed by "its gonna cost yah". So i got stuck in checking pressures, checking blockages, changing pressure cylinders, giving pipes a blast through and cleaning valves with cotton buds and after 2 days of technical precise work almost like a brain surgeon it was all fixed.

Kalamki seems to be starting to go quiet now that the schools are all starting back but in the Oceanic there has been no let up, in fact my trade has gone up, i even run out of my reserve reserve seats and had to get out the reserve reserve reserve seats from the Roof Garden restaurant across the road last night but that will all change after today as 26 of my customers and friends all went home which is half the bar but then again i never know who will turn up on the flights so we shall wait and see.

It was a great week with my good friends Sam and Caz, Steve and Jo, Richard and Trudy, Pete and Sharon, Michelle and John, Brian and Penny being here also lovely to see Ann and Johnny a bit more this year, thanks for your company even though i didn't have much time to spend with you what with being so rushed.

I think Oct will be very quiet month for me as alot of my regulars who come out the end of Sept/Oct came out early this year but with the season i've had that won't be a problem, it will give myself a nice break and give me more time to chat with the customers that do visit me.

Still got 6 weeks to go so its all gone to plan and already looking forward to next season with the complete refurb of Oceanic but still keeping the same qualities that my customers love about the bar.

I'm a bit brain numb at moment so just a short update today but will improve on next weeks.

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