Thursday, 24 June 2010

What the....its bloody rain!

Well would you believe it...RAIN! Never in all my years on this usual beautiful island have i known it to rain so late in June. I had my waterproofs on yesterday morning. For once the weather forecasts were right but i wish they weren't, poor little holidaymakers coming to Greece and getting UK weather.

So En-ger-land have won a game and are through to the next round, well done the lads, now everyone can say "2 world wars, 1 world cup and 1 group stage game." LOL It does go to show how bad the national team have got though lets be honest, before they'd be a dead cert to get through to quarter finals and a win in the group stage would be the normal, now everybody celebrates a win like they've won the cup itself. Then again i can't really say anything bad about the english team at least they always get to a tournament, Wales are so crap i'd do away with the welsh football side and enter a team in to the dominos league. Although there are some really good individual welsh players out there.

Thats enough about the world cup.

Business is still going absolutely brilliantly this season what with all the british/greek economy problems, just goes to show that people still need holidays and from what i've been hearing Greece is still good value for money once you get here.

Kalamaki is a lovely peaceful resort and never any trouble but it alarms me to hear that after the england game yesterday there was the odd incident of violence in the resort between english supporters, whats that all about? English fighting English. Aren't you meant to celebrate a win.
Also a certain major tour operator who has its own version of "18-30" have put every hotel they have on their books in to the online broucher for the 18-30's. With the original Club 18-30 they are purely based in Laganas and nowhere else on the island but with the major tour operators version they can book anywhere on the island thinking that hotel is for 18-30's. I wonder if the hoteliers realise this? When i looked at the list of hotels in Kalamaki that were being touted towards the 18-30's i was shocked to find what hotels were listed but i'm sure the hoteliers wouldn't be happy about this fact if they knew. If people want to party hard thats fine but lets keep it to one resort and not spoil the whole island but then again i don't think the tourn operators care that much.

Some times when i'm riding around on my bike i think of home, Cardiff and wonder what is changing in the capitol of Wales. Are Daz, Tim and Ian still talking the same rubbish about how the Bluebirds were robbed HAHA! Is my nephew Leighton ever going to get a proper job so he can by a round at our local when i arrive back in winter? What toy will be the big seller this christmas at Toys R Us so i can mass purchase them and spoil childrens christmas (only joking, baa humbug!) But then as i was turning a corner on my travels i saw a beautiful sight, Cardiff is on Zakynthos.

The Cardiff sign near St. Nicholas Beach

Well blow me down with a feather, not only is Oceanic a chill out bar and apartments its also branched out in to paint and wood stain. This tin by some spooky coincidence is under my apartment exactly where i park my motorbikes. I wonder if i can make a claim for use of name LOL.

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