Thursday, 17 June 2010

The cocktail experiments continue!

So we're now well in to June and business couldn't be any better, had a slight blip of about 5 days during the school break but now its all back to normal and getting a full house most nights. The days and nights are getting hotter every day as the season goes on so the outdoor seating is very popular as this picture shows.

8pm last night.
As the topic title shows i am still developing new cocktails. Last year someone asked me for a Mars Bar cocktail which i did make for them but this year i had a flash of inspiration "Snickers cocktail", now you may be thinking throw a snickers in some vodka and let it disolve, wrong! or maybe blend a Snickers in with a smoothie, wrong! Oh no, thats way to easy, i've developed one using 5 seperate ingredients to make a crunchy cocktail that is a alcoholic liquid Snickers in a glass and unlike the lemon cheesecake you don't have to order it 24 hours in advance. I am getting through the ingredients at a high rate and its only been on the menu 2 days LOL. One of my customers (Tyler) was that excited about the cocktail that he fainted.

Tyler after hearing the news he couldn't have a Snickers cocktail due to alcohol.

Only joking he's sleeping, whats he trying to say about my bar haha!

As you can see from the topic above this one the Oceanic-Margarita Studios are now available to rent at not a bad price with everything included, i'll be dealing with any info needed and the bookings will be taken by Dennis, so i've got the easy part of the deal which is fine by me.

Well its now siesta time with the air con blowing away, it really is very hot now, so till next week, take care of yourselves........and each other LOL

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