Sunday, 4 July 2010

State of emergency on Zakynthos!

Please do not panic when you read this but i've run out of Crumpets, Black Pudding and Frosted Shreddies, AAaaaaagghhh! Don't panic Captain Mainwaring! Oh my god i'll have to eat healthy food now haha.

Sorry this update is a bit late but been rushed off my feet, very busy at night and then running around for stuff for the bar in the day so now its time to update my lovely family and friends on whats been going on.
On tuesday last week i went attended a wedding at the Crystal Beach Hotel which i was kindly invited to by the happy couple Kerry & Chris. It was a lovely day but i felt a bit sorry for them as it must have been the hottest day we had had so far this season and with them all dressed up they must have been boiling, poor things. Even so it was a great day and an even better night by the state of Brian (Kerry's Father) never seen you that merry Brian haha but it was a special day so your allowed the odd 1 or 4 carafes of village wine.

Every tuesday my self and Helen go out and about around town and try to find little tavernas on the back streets that locals use not one of the main ones in town or on the port road, we call it our "Traditional Taverna Tuesday" original i know LOL. I take pictures of each one we visit and at the end of the season i will post a topic with pictures of all the tavernas we have visited.

So, Talk me through it, En-ger-land, What happened? haha

Visited a few friends last night after i closed and had a good night talking about Greek Economy, Greek history and having a general good time and a laugh (my friends are greek) but i was amazed to here that bars are now giving away free shots without the customer having to buy one drink just to get people in to make them look busy, also if you do buy a drink you get 4 shots free, thats madness. You can't run a businesses giving away more than your selling just to make you look busy, find that idea very strange.

Since i launched the Snickers cocktail its been the best seller and i bought out all of Lidls Crunchy peanut butter stock and have run out i've made that many, Can't find crunchy peanut butter anywhere only smooth so now i even have to make my out crunchy peanut butter, why don't i ever make things simple for myself haha.

The V.A.T. has gone up again this week to 23% but i'll keep my prices the same being as the season is now officially the best i've had up till this point out of my 4 seasons so my accountant tells me as its now my quarterly payment, BOOOOooooooo! There was even talk that they may have put it up a third time to 25% but i think they decided against that as there is enough trouble on mainland as it is.

I've come up with an easy way for the island to make thousands, its very simple, put 2 police cars on the Kalamaki to Laganas road and book everyone without a helmet on scooters and quads. Now i have to admit within the resort i don't wear a helmet but as soon as i leave Kalamaki i always wear my crash helmet. Its not rocket science. I've seen so many idiots going around the resorts without helmets they could easily pull in €10,000 a day in fines. Already this season there has been more accidents and deaths on quads than scooters. Also how does having a car licence make you qualified to ride a quad, motorbike or scooter? Over here now you need a motorbike licence like the UK to ride a bike so shouldn't the rental shops now only be allowed to rent bikes out to people with CBT licence or full bike licence? Thursday i saw a quad bike crash happen, young guys on quads, speeding, messing about and the one crashed in to the front of The Lighthouse Restaurant, the young guy was very lucky that he crashed going to the right as he was thrown off to the left, if he had crashed straight on he would have hit the large thick electric post and been killed as he was going that fast, instead he was thrown off his bike and landed 2 buildings down from the Lighthouse, very lucky boy. But the worrying thing is he could have killed a holidaymaker walking along the resort or even a customer stepping out from the Lighthouse. Time to revise the rental laws maybe.

So as you can see its been a very eventful week in all, think i'll need a holiday the end of this season, Skegness here i come LOL.

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