Thursday, 11 March 2010

I'm free!

Well as you may have guessed my results come back 100% so i am on the study. So the first part was only 2 days and then in 2 weeks time its another 8 days, I have to say that the food is still just as good here. I had pork chops on day one with homemade apple pie and custard then yesterday we had a choice of fish cakes or roast beef, i went for the healthy option of fish cakes with jam sponge and custard for afters as eating and laying down all day can pile on the pounds like Eamon Holmes at a cake tasting. Along with the evening meal we had breakfast in bed (first time ever), a ham salad baguette, crisps and fruit at lunchtime with a pie for supper. Can't forget to mention the great staff that work here, always happy and i really don't know how they can walk in to a ward with 6 guys on it that have been farting and sweating all night without throwing up, i admire your stomachs of steel ladies haha.

It was a sunny day when i arrived and a beautiful sunny day as i leave so it always makes the day so much better for my long train journey home.

Yesterday i had 8 needles within 12 hours and 16 samples of blood taken and with every needle there is a complete body check, blood pressure, ECG, temperature, so it was a manic day yesterday but today before i leave just one needle and a body check then back to Currys tomorrow, so time to get my salesman head on, God i sound like Wurzel Gummage "Cup a tea and a slice oh cake Aunt Sally" LOL.

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