Thursday, 17 September 2009

What, rain? Here? on the island of Zakynthos? surely not!

Yes there god damn is. 3 out of the past 4 nights has been monsoon season and the days grey and cloudy. Now for me i don't mind as i haven't seen rain for 5 months and it feels good falling on my balding head, for business it has also been good as people don't leave, i guess you could call it "natures imprisonment" haha but for the poor tourists its bad, who packs a brolly or a pac-a-mac when going to a sunny greek island? well it seems a few do, so i guess these people were either girl or boy scouts in their youth "ALWAYS BE PREPARED".

Well the bar is now back inside set up for the colder nights and it will soon be time to test the outdoor heaters, the outdoor walls are being delivered as we speak, well as i type and the sofas are in under the roof so its all nice and cosy.

I had a visit from the most famous english greek dancer while he was on Zakynthos for his holidays he drank in my bar every night with his partner and his friends Stan and family, i felt honoured to have such a high profile celebrity drink in my bar for 14 nights, he kept a low profile as you could understand as not wanting to be bothered for autographs but he has given me permission to air fo free his latest show, so i present to you Stan and Ken " Lord of the Prance"

Stan dances first then the master at work ken will entertain you. Enjoy.

AMAZING, i think you'll agree, such grace and style, BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

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