Sunday, 13 September 2009

Help, help call the police!

Well you wouldn't believe it, i went to wash and polish my bikes earlier and there were my bikes with all their tyres let down, OH NO! wheres columbo when you need him. The thing is they are parked away from the pavement so someone had to purposely walk about 20m to under my apartment and take time to let all 4 tyres down, so i used my native american instinct and followed the foot tracks which led me to my apt, BUGGER! they were my footprints, so i found a strand of hair which traced bag to Tiddelos the landlords cat, DAMN! but no matter i have a foot pump so both bikes are back in action and now clean also.
I could point the finger, lay the blame but its not worth it really, i keep myself to myself every season, keep my head down and work damn hard, don't bad mouth other businesses, in fact i promote other businesses in my bar, on websites and on my own blog, i guess thats why i've been full 90% of the season as you don't get moans and back stabbing from me and jealousy can be a horrible thing. Last season my bike got damaged 3 times while parked in the same place but hey let them carry on, it will all come out in my autobiography, a gripping read i can assure you with some shocking truths about life on this island LOL.

So on to more drama in my life, on Tuesday at about 8pm a little puppy who i named "Pup Pup" wandered inside my bar a promptly sat herself on my kitchen floor where i played with her for a few seconds before finding out where she had come from. After visiting a few businesses i found out that a tourist had been looking after her and they had called the ZAWF (zante animal welfare) 3 times to collect her or to at least see her only to be told they were full and no one would come out to see her. I asked the tourist to look after her till i closed my bar and i would sort something out. At 3.30am she was delivered back to me, off to my apt with PupPup zipped up in my jacket, head poking out as i try to ride my motorbike. Once inside my apt out come all my shoes, tennis ball, plastic bags as she wanted playtime and the barks began so off back to bar so i didn't wake my neighbours, i stayed awake all night in the bar playing with her till she fell asleep until 10 am when i took her to the vet, the vet couldn't take her to put in window as she was to old a puppy, the ZAWF were already out of the question and i wish i could have kept her but i'm just to busy and couldn't leave her at apt. I remembered a house i'd seen near Lithakia that had a big garden and 4 dogs all roaming free with kennels, proper eating and drinking water bowls and a high mesh fence, off i went to find it. When i got there the dogs all still looked happy and healthy so i dropped Pup Pup over the fence and waited to see if they would take to her, luckily they all made a fuss of her and played with her, so i turned away and left her with her new friends. I felt very sad when i got home and had heavy guilt but she has a better chance there than if i'd let her to roam free on the streets and there is no way i could have lived with myself knowing she was alone on the streets somewhere but i hope now she has a family who will care for her.

PupPup having a chew on a stick

PupPup decided my thumb was better than a stick

PupPup getting sleepy after being all chewed out

Sleepy time for PupPup (6.15am)

Well i'm in the home stretch of the season now but i could easily close now, everyone paid up full, have 6 weeks holiday the season has been that kind to me but once again its not me that makes the bar what it is its my customers who have all been lovely and enjoyed the fact that they have a bar that they can socialize in again instead of being fixed to TV's or loud music and entertainment being forced on to them when sat in a bar. I'm not saying this is a bad thing as everyone likes different types of bars but in these times with financial and personal difficulties its good to talk and have a laugh with people you've only just met, its like a breath of fresh air in your social life and worries get left behind for that brief moment while on your holidays, so once again a big thank you to all who have visited Oceanic and made it what it is,the most chilled out bar in Kalamaki.

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