Monday, 16 April 2018


OK I'm here. We had a weeks holiday here first and now I'm all alone again and time to get the bar ready.

So much happened in one week, more than in winter.
OK so firstly had the passenger from hell sat next to us and we had booked front row seats so even though paid top wack for the seats the passengers aren't any better. He was effing and jeffing for 40 Min's before we took off as we were delayed due to police waiting for one passenger to get to boarding then stopping them from boarding and had to wait till bags were offloaded.
The stewardess was excellent the way she handled him and was going to get him taking off but he calmed down and kept on muttering under his breath, KNOBSTER!

Famous people we already met in the first week Will Mellor & Family was on our flight over and the legend Dick Van Dyke was in Solomos Square.

He loved the island he said.

The Legend Dick Van Dyke

Get to the house very tired at 3pm Sunday after only having 8 hours sleep since 6am Friday.
House was all safe and secure but very dusty as left windows open for 6 months with only shutters locked close but at least no mold unlike the house in Bochali. So we got to work cleaning what we needed to just so we could relax.
Monday finished off all the house then got to work on the bikes. Took a while but both got going once cleaned them up and charged batteries.
Something strange comes our way. We heard a noise. Went out to look in our garden what we had this year. No rabbits at all. Lots of very healthy looking chickens and the noise was coming from..........a Pygmy Goat.

He now comes up on to his little balcony the other side of our balcony when we call his name.
We have called him Biscuit, the reason being the first thing we fed him was a Digestive.

He so funny!

He has become very demanding though and now gets on his balcony and calls to us without us even going outside.

Had our first very very cold beer of the season and it had to be at my favourite place to relax after a Saturday night from bar when i close at midnight with my favourite beer. Bar 34 and a cold Levante beer. I will be stocking all the Levante range this season.

Had a couple of nights in town with lots of nice food and bottles of wine and just kicking back before i started on the bar today......well......i went and looked at it lol.

Had a nice walk all along the sea front from Zakynthos Port to the outer edge of town towards Tsilivi and what did we see..........DUCKS!

I think that when Sir David Attenborough retires I'm ready to step in his shoes with all my contact to wildlife.

In all, our first week was excellent what with staying in Zakynthos town for part of it at The Phoenix Hotel. Had a great room and got it cheaper than normal rates as they know me now from having my daily coffees there and staying there last October.

Unfortunately its on to business now for me and if I'm being very honest I think i have taken Oceanic as far as i can. The next step would be to add food as the bar has a food licence but i don't want to be involved with food. I got it to No.1 in Kalamaki, then No.1 on Island, then No.1 for the whole of the Ionian and finally this winter Oceanic was No.1 for whole of Greece until Tripadvisor change how the rating system works but that's fine, i got it there.
So no challenge anymore for me and i need a challenge when it comes to work, also my personal life in the UK is better than ever before so i think its time for those words "LET THE OFFERS BEGIN!".
Now as explained before, I'm open to offers, if no offers, then i keep it, plain and simple, i won't be walking away.  I know businesses in Kalamaki that are still open now with the same owners who have been trying to sell for over 5 years but asking way to much. Some empty businesses are looking for €30,000 and that's before you even get open and rent, so with Oceanic its a bargain for much much less than what a closed bar would cost and its fully functioning already..
But again, I'm open to offers and in no rush. I still have plenty of running in the old legs yet.

So just a little update for now and then more next week as bar gets set up.

So until then........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!


  1. Please stay there until July Kev! We can’t imagine a trip to Kalamaki without you zooming around making the best cocktails!

  2. Your ok, i would never leave mid season, apart from 2015 which wasn't my choice. 2018 i'm there don't you worry about that

  3. Excellent news - let me know if we can bring you anything over!

  4. I think you do yourself down Kev. The bar is what it is because of you! You would be a hard act to follow. Glad you will still be there this Summer.

  5. I'm sure whoever has it after me (whenever that is) they will stamp there own mark on it. Plenty of scope to expand.