Sunday, 22 April 2018

11 days till Open.

Well time has flown this week folks and how has your week been?

Work has begun on the bar and to be honest its mainly just cleaning and a lick of paint as i did quite a bit to it last year.
My washing machine is constantly on the go, 14 loads so far one after another and with 5 more to go.
I didn't realise how much there was to wash, ceiling material, wall material, curtains, cushion covers, seat covers, its all gone through the wash. Its been round more times than........than......than.....the magic roundabout, couldn't think of anything else, i got writers block i think. Good job the weather is warm and sunny and has been since we arrived on the 8th April, i can get all this washing dried and in within 2 hours ready for the next load to go out.

Zakynthos town is having a new road laid, YAY, thing is its being done badly by the looks of it so could be worse than the original road but lets wait and see. The side with the cars on has already been re-laid.

On the subject of Zakynthos town its quite sad to see that some businesses have closed which have been there since i first come to the island in 2001. These were businesses that were always busy, well known and good value but now just all locked up, a few are on the port road so that's not going to look good when tourism hits the island.

Its very strange you know how people react when they first see me.
When i see ex-pats its like "OH, Your back!", with the look of shock. Where do they think I'm going to be? What do they know that i don't?
But when i speak to the local Greeks and Albanians its "Hello Kevin, we were saying Kevin will be back soon, how are you?"
I always get a great welcome from my neighbours on the old road, they now think of me as one of their family, such nice people.

My house is now dust free, at last. Its quite a big house to clean. The balcony that goes around three sides of the house collects all the dust from the winter months so that needs washing down 4 times, then the 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, utility room/hallway and living room/kitchen need sweeping and mopping 3 times and that's without the display cabinet, god i hate that thing. Due to my lovely customers buying me tat to put on it i now have to polish the tat then take the tat off and polish 11 shelves. Its a pain in the ass i can tell you.
Haven't cleaned my bikes properly yet, poor things.

Biscuit is becoming very needy but he still lovable.
Biscuit is a Pygmy goat just in case your a first time reader. Now as soon as he hears my motorbike pull up in the courtyard he's straight up on his balcony for his treat. You can here him calling "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom" well it sounds like Mom, he can't say Dad.
I've never wanted kids and now i got a needy Kid. Get it, Kid = child, Kid = Baby goat and because its a Pygmy goat it will always look like a Kid it will never be a Beagy, beagy, beagy, beagy hiya BUCK! See what i did. I took a 1970's-80's TV reference and used it to tell you a adult male goat is called a Buck.

On the subject of animals i have 3 puppies who i found sleeping by my bins outside my house. I was leaving the house and saw three puppies run across the road from my next door neighbours house about 100m down the road. When i came back they were all huddled together by my bins. They look very healthy so I'm hoping they belong to the house up the road and they go back there. If i stayed on the island all year round i would take them in as my own.

Well its just a tiny update but a update none the less.

I have decided to end my updates now with a thought or fact for the week, so here's the first one.

Did you know you share more personal information with Facebook than your own government but you don't realise it. Glad i don't use it or need to.

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

A quick after thought. Lots of you know i do medical trials for Cancer, Parkinsons disease, Diabetes, Heart conditions. So you can see what sort of things i do here is a documentary for you to watch if you ever get bored. Enjoy lol. And by the way i used to be signed up with Parexel, not anymore.


  1. Hi Kev,

    Great to see you're back!

    When are you open as we have just arrived in Kalamaki?

    See you soon.

    Craig and Chloe \m/

  2. We have been the last 2 nights and you've been closed, hoping to see you tomorrow. I'm desperate for a Paradise City (hope they are still on the menu) Hope you have a picture of your goat too, Im trying to convince Craig to get one (might not go down well with our 3 cats!! Hope to see you soon! Ps the place is looking good Chloe and Craig x

  3. Definitely open Friday 4th, couldn't open as needed a few bits a pieces which i got today and didn't have menus. See you soon.