Monday, 19 December 2011

Who watched Winter Wipeout, hands up!

Well another update for you lovely people. Nothing about Zakynthos until Jan as i try to give myself a bit of a break from the bar but in the new year its full steam ahead.

Well last Monday i went back in to my 4Th home Simbec. All the staff were as welcoming as ever and we were all getting in to the Christmas spirit. I was in this time last year and we had a carol service planned but due to lack of numbers in the choir it didn't go ahead but this year the event was definitely on. I was hoping to reprise my solo of "Once in royal Davids city" like i did in year 5 of high school haha.

Day 1 was just a pre-medical to check for any traces of drugs or alcohol in the system but due to me being a clean living type of guy it was all clear.

Day 2, tablets taken in the morning with cereal and toast, testing all day, 8 needles, ECG's and Blood Pressure tests. All went smoothly for myself and my 7 other comrades Mike, Bryn, Dyut (spelt wrong I'm sure), Shane, Ash, Nathan and Matt.

Day 3, Had to have a set breakfast of scrambled egg and toast before taking tablets and having blood tests, then something strange happened, 4 of the 8 of us were all sick 45 Min's after breakfast and tablets. I myself was fine. The thing is they administer 6 with the drug and 2 with a placebo but only 4 were ill. The doctor decided the next day to up our breakfast to a high fat one, bluurgh! I hardly ever have fried food so i was dreading it.

Day 4, time for the high fat breakfast, 3 large hash browns, 2 large fried eggs, 2 bacon, 2 toast and large glass of full fat milk. How anyone can eat that on holiday every morning i don't know and why would you want too, it ain't healthy. 45 mins later same reaction with the same 4 guys but this time it was more violent so it wasn't looking good and Matt,Shane, Dyut and Mike weren't sure if to continue.
Later that day the doctor had spoken to the company who were testing the drug and they decided to cancel the testing, BUGGER! We were all being sent home early the next day, day 5 out of 11. I wanted to stay in as Carl Froch was fighting on Sky Saturday night, also 3 good footy games on Sunday including my beloved Liverpool, not got Sky at home LOL. There is an upside to this even though 4 of the guys were ill, we were all sent home with full study payment. Ah well can't be helped, lets hope the 4 who were ill are now OK.

Now then, before i went in to Simbec myself and my nephew the world famous actor Leighton Kyle had V.I.P. passes for Duran Duran and i have to say Simon Le Bon is still the worst front man of any band I've ever seen. He can't dance, got no communication skills with the audience and really is the David Brent of the music world, cringe worthy! In saying all that put him with the other members John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Nick Rhodes and its an awesome gig. Sound was perfect. The same as Adam Ant, no miming of songs all sung live but sounded as good as the CD even though Simon made you want to cover your eyes in shame, in fact at some points myself and Leighton did.

Simon Le Bon now appearing in Karate Kid - The Musical.

Cool hand John!
Help me John, i got the crowd participation skills of a brick!

So, who watched Winter Wipeout this Saturday? Wasn't it a good show. The course looks more difficult than the normal Total Wipeout and that course looked easier than one of the Winter Wipeout courses I've seen. Can't wait to watch the next few episodes, I'm sure we'll all be in for a surprise at some point.

Last night(Sunday 19Th Dec) went to see the second Sherlock Holmes film with Helen, very good indeed. We went to see the first one together and enjoyed that but this film was better again, very difficult to make a better sequel. Before we went to the cinema we decided to go for a drink in Frankie's & Benny's the chain restaurant, very nice is was too but something wound me up like crazy. There were 3 students sat at a eating table 1 guy and 2 girls, we were sat at bar. I couldn't believe the guy had an ipad out flicking his fingers over the screen while using facebook and the 2 girls were on iphones doing the same thing. Ok in a bar, coffee shop, on a train fair enough but in a restaurant while eating aggghhhh! Has society completely lost the art of socializing that now people can't talk to each other when sat next to them that they have to talk to others on facebook? I'm so glad my bar is what it is with no TVs or Wifi, brings back the art of conversation and meeting new people you can actually see in the flesh.

Christmas is almost here folks and i really hope you all have a great day and don't eat to much or have terible hangovers, save that for your holidays in the summer LOL

So from this short ass balding welshman i wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you get everything you asked Father Christmas for.

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