Thursday, 21 July 2011

Its too bloody hot!

Well its come to that time of the season again where everybody starts to moan that its to bloody hot even the locals, so what chance does a short ass welshman have when all he's used to is rain, wind, snow and more rain. Some tourists are being told that the temp is around 55 deg c. What? I think if that was the case nobody would be on the beach or by the pool as we'd all be at Zakynthos hospital having our 3rd degree burns seen too LOL The actual temp at the moment is between 34-38 deg. I'm so happy i got air con but there is a draw back to this, i never want to leave my apartment these days.

Business is doing splendidly thank you very much, a bit quiet but still up on the past 4 years for July so not complaining at all, in fact this week had another shut out where i couldn't fit any more chairs on the floor space i have so had to put my chain across as the bar was full. Now i get that quite a few times in May, June, Sept and Oct but never in July. Sometimes though i do wish i could skip July & August as they are my quietests months and in this heat it gets quite draining, also the dreaded 18-30's are still here. Now i was 18-30 once not so long ago (don't any of you laugh) but i'm quite sure that me and my friends when we went on holiday didn't behave anything like what i see in Kalamaki. This season there seems to be alot more than usual. We usually have a 3 week period then they are gone but this year its already been 5 weeks and no sign of them going, is Kalamaki now slowly becoming the new Laganas, lets hope not.

With the huge black pudding that Lee and Emma brought over gone i was in need of another shipment from the UK but none coming over at the moment, so my good friend Thassos told me i could buy a box of white pudding off him. Now white pudding is even better than black pudding so without any hesitation i paid my 47€ and collected my box of white pudding. Now i wasn't sure what size they were going to be and Thassos didn't explain either but when i got the box, OH MY GOD! So as i did with the black pudding i've taken a picture to show you the size of the white pudding.
First we start with a cotton bud, then we move on to a pen, next follows a bottle of wine and finally the white pudding the size of a major league baseball bat.
What the hell am i meant to do with 10 baseball bats of white pudding? ok i've eaten one already, my home freezer compartment on my fridge won't even fit them in cut in half so had to store them in my chest freezer in bar. Maybe i should do a special offer "Spend 50€ on drinks and get a free white pudding baseball bat". Please people if anyone is coming over and thinking of bringing me white pudding, DON'T! Its got a shelf life till 04/12 so i may be having it with christmas turkey at this rate LOL.
Also i have found every lasting bread, its called American Sandwich loaf from lidl but also sold in the resort supermarkets, its brown bread. When you buy it its hard and to be honest horrible, feels stale but as time goes on, 2 weeks in fact, the bread got better. It becomes moist and tastier, how does that work? haha

My table almost collapsed with the weight of the white pudding.

Still working on my motorbike but just way to hot to be fixing a bike up in the sun so its taking longer than i thought but i'll get there, one day.

Been a bit slow putting the pics of my regulars on the website but all up to date as from today.

I will be so glad when Sept comes so i can get back out on my bike around the island and off to pool and beaches. The Italians and Greeks have hit the island now till end of August so the roads are chaos so i tend not to go to far unless i really have to as they all come over on the ferries with their cars and motorbikes causing mayhem on the roads.

So thats it for this week. Oh forgot to say watched the last Harry Potter film and what a sad ending fancy Harry and Ron being killed, but it was for a good cause to save Hogwarts, oops did i give the plot away there LOL.

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