Friday, 6 May 2011

I'm here, I'm alive and I'm open!

Sorry for being a day late with my update but been so, so, so, busy.

So lets begin. Left Swansea at 6am Thursday morning to travel to Gatwick for 2.30pm flight to Zakynthos. Plane was 3/4 full but very few tourists, mainly locals and workers. A few groups of workers heading off to Laganas who were very loud and drunk but the Trolly Dolly let slip that they work on commission of what they sell from the trolly when one of the drunks asked for a free drink as they had bought so much, so even though the were clearly drunk 90 mins in to the flight and causing problems to the other passengers the hostesses continued to supply them with drinks and the oldest must have been 25 and couldn't control the drunken groups. Anyway got to the island safely.

As i left the airport the road which takes you to and from the airport you would think had just come straight from Afghanistan, its a mess as still is to this day, such a shame as thats what the tourists first see when they arrive. Got to my apt at 8pm, quick walk around to see whats what say hi to my friends and bed time sleepy head.

6am Friday Straight to bar to collect my electric bill and to see the damage. Lots of paint, badly drawn images that weren't exactly Salvador Dali but hey its only paint, its not like they cut my mums head off HAHA!. The locals have been very supportive and all come to visit me and said how sorry they were and if they could help just ask. They all said the same thing "Whoever was involved in this is a bad person and needs to be shot" a bit harsh i thought shooting someone for creating art LOL. My landlord was very upset and told me i didn't have to pay Mays rent and my rent would stay the same this season like last season due to me having to correct the damage. He's such a nice guy and now this vandalism has lost him money not me as its his building, i just rent it. but because he is a nice guy i said i would pay half rent for May as its not fair for him to lose money. We also know that the normal tins of paint that were thrown over the weather tents and floor at side of bar were done 2 days after i left the island at the end of the season and the spray paint late Feb early March but the witness wasn't sure on date but knew it was around then. They sprayed on every surface including the Oceanic Sign. As i said police report is in by the landlord, witness has been spoken to and after watching Columbo for years the culprit always returns to the scene of the crime, "Slowly, Slowly, Catchy Monkey" LOL.

How do you like the art exhibition! HaHa!

So the rest of Friday was spent rushing around paying electric, accountant, community tax and music licence and just basically getting all my papers sorted. Exhausting.

Saturday up at 6am and in to bar to make a list of everything i need to create "Oceanic MKII" after a day of running here there and everywhere and back to the same shop about 10 times as i forgot things i got to work on bar at about 5pm but light was fading fast so finished around 9pm. I'm getting to old for these long physical days LOL.

Sunday up at 6am and just work work work all the way through till about 9pm again, for 3 days solid i worked these hours until the bar at least was half ready to open on Wednesday night, so Ladies and Gentlemen i give you the all new Oceanic!

I am now fit to drop, i am physically and mentally drained, i ache, i'm constantly tired, i can't think straight, and i need a long cold pint of Vodka and sprite HaHa! but in the end i think it was worth all the effort. Yes, i know the sign is still brown but the signs went in today to be changed to blue same as bar andwill be ready next week.

Ok so its not totally finished and rough around the edges but all the rest can be done bit by bit, day by day. Already had a good 2 nights open hitting target both nights so i can't ask for anything more.

Every night now through the whole of the season before i open i'll be blasting out "Underdog" by Kasabian as thats what i am, the underdog to the person who wants to destroy me & my bar, there is one chorus that rings out so true for my situation and it goes a little something like this:-

"It don't matter, i won't do what you say, you've got the money and the power i won't go your way, and i can't take for the people they don't matter at all, I'll be waiting in the shadows 'til the day that you fall"

Oh yes i'll be stood their smiling when that day comes, Thanks Tom and the boys for a song to spur me on and give me that fight.

Haven't been for my ride around all the resorts yet as just been way to busy and not stopped, haven't had time to scratch my little ass but i almost have time to scratch it now.

I'm sure theres lots more i have to tell you but my brains fried so will add anything i forgot to my next update, anyway time for a soak in the tub before opening at 7pm.

Till next week, take care of yourselfs, and each other.

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