Sunday, 8 August 2010

Cake, Cake and even more Cake.

Well this week has been a bumper week for cake as there has been 2 birthdays and an anniversary in the bar that have all warranted a cake, thank god mmmmmm! As long as the man boobs stay away i'll be ok haha!

Been a very eventful tiring week this week but can't complain as really enjoyed it. First i've been out and about looking for a house to buy and seen some lovely ones at bargain prices but need to find out alot more about them before any offers go in, also the boat hunt is still on but been told to wait until after christmas to make an offer on any as they'll sell for less.

Helens birthday was great, had a party in the bar on friday night then totally fooled her on Saturday. She thought we were hiring an outboard motor boat for ourselves to go on a little trip when in fact i had planned for her to have a full spa treatment with massage and haircut at the Lesante 5 star hotel in Tsilivi while i laid by the pool, even when we were in the hotel she still never had a clue what was going on until the receptionist of the spa greeted us. Brilliant!

The bar again this week has been great, every night at some point between 10.30pm and 1am the bar has been full and tuesday i had to turn people away as i just didn't have any floor space for chairs and even then 2 people had to stand. I'm not saying i'm full from doors open till doors close as thats ridiculous, no one is ever that busy, i've been sat reading my book alone till 10.30pm some nights but it is nice to see the bar full even if its just for 5 mins, i like to keep busy. I am closing alot earlier in saying that usually around 2am but its so hot during the day and night my customers are tired from the heat which i can understand. Lets see what change over day brings today, between thursdays change over and todays i've lost 37 customers with also a change over day Monday to come but i always get surprised when a regular to Oceanic walks in on their first night, always lovely to see return customers year after year.

The Oceanic can now have international status as this season had so many different nationalities in Swedish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Greek (of course), Norwegian, Austrian, Swiss, Italian, American, Canadian.......oh yeah and British LOL.

And i've also had a world famous hollywood actor in for 5 nights while his boat was docked in Zakynthos town, kept it very low key until he left but it was no other than Spiderman himself Mr. Toby Maguire. AGGGHHH OH MY GOD!

The 18-30's have gone from the resort as i thought they might, very strange how every season they turn up in Kalamaki for 2-3 weeks in July, it must be just after the exams have finished, wouldn't like to see the resort turn in to extension of Laganas as that would be me out of here.

Its a neck and neck race this season between The Oceanic, Snickers and Fry's Turkish Delight Cocktails (Lemon Cheesecake is also a close runner), all selling very well, in fact the exclusive to Oceanic cocktails are selling better than the traditional cocktails but it is making it more difficult each year to come up with new ones as there are already 12 on the menu with another 4 to go on it, Snickers, Fry's Turkish Delight, Bounty Bar and Refresher cocktail are the 4 not on the menu at the moment.

brrr meow grrrr beeee meow buuurr cheeew puuuur brrrrr meow! "Charlie says that if ever you see a box of matches lying around tell mummy because they can hurt you."

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