Thursday, 19 August 2010

Britain, we have a problem!

Sorry for the delay in my update but not had any connection since Saturday, thats what you get for being a tight ass tapping in to someone elses wifi connection. So problem over as you can see.

So whats been going on this past week. Well another sad day on Monday when another business closed its doors for good. At 4.30am when i returned from Argassi Down Under club was open and had a few customers left drinking when i woke up at 10am everything was gone, not a single bar stool was left. Its terrible to see places closing which then leaves big empty holes around the resort and you have to feel sorry for the business owners who once had the glory years but are now struggling to meet the taxes and the rent on the properties. Some people have said maybe Kalamaki will end up changing back to the way it was with just small bars and tavernas but to be honest its never nice to see someone lose their livelyhood and without these types of venues for the younger people to go to where is left for them? We still have to deal with the largest hotel in the resort next season going all inclusive so god only knows how that will hit the main strip, fingers crossed it won't effect it to much but we'll have to wait and see.

Also i have some more sad news but hopefully it will be ok, The Lighthouse Restaurant is closed for the season and with all being well it will be open again next season. Derek came to see me on Thursday (last week) to let me know that Veronica wasn't well at all and couldn't even walk from the car to their house, i don't think its a secret that Veronica has MS and Derek had decided to take her back to the UK so she could get the proper care she needed for this disease which i thought was the right decision. On Friday they started their journey back and are now safely in the UK getting the treatment Veronica so rightly needed. So before the rumours start spreading, they have not done a bunk, runner, flit or whatever you want to call it. A persons good health means more than anything else, so all i'd say is let them sort everything out in peace and look forward to them being back in Kalamaki making the best breakfast in the resort. As soon as they contact me with how its all going i will let you know. I am the last person on the island that Derek spoke to and those are the reasons he gave why they are closed for the rest of this season. Derek and Veronica all your friends and customers wish you well with your recovery and hope to see you soon.

On Tuesday night there was a huge fire at Lithakia that started around 8pm which spread so quickly, also because it was getting dark the sea planes could not fight the fire so it had to be fought by hand and as you can see from the pictures the fire spread quit far but the land crew got it under control which i thought was a fantastic job and deserve lots of credit for the great work these fire fighters do as there was also a fire yesterday in 2 places behind the Cavo Doro hotel which had to be evacuated but again the fire crews got it all under control, don't panic i had my 10m hosepipe ready to help them but they didn't need it so it got put away for another year.

Zoomed in view of fire at Lithakia.
Actual view from Kalamaki of fires at Lithakia.

I've booked my flight back to good old dull, grey, wet UK so bar will be closing the 21st Oct as i'm taking a week out after that to do some building work on the bar. Next season the Oceanic is having a complete new facelift from the floor to the roof but the main feature of the bar remains the same which is a chill out bar without any TV's or Entertainment and all drinks served with ORIGINAL SPIRITS. The plans are drawn up and i've even done an artists impression of what it will look like but can't show anyone just yet, you never know who might be reading this blog, I CAN SEE YOU! haha!

If anyone knows of a good surgeon that does short ass body transplants could they e-mail please as this body has taken a battering since the end of July, my poor little legs have been rushed off their feet, wish i had a pedometer to see how many miles i cover in the bar each night.

So once again its time to sign off for this week, i know, i know, its been more sad news than good news this week but thats life i'm afraid, but i'm still happy, the suns still shining, pools still lovely and cool and the drinks are flowing constantly, so for me things couldn't be any better.

Ok, so who thought that it was Toby Maguire in my last post LOL

Is your dog having an affair with your next door neighbours cat? Can you only string 2 words together in a sentence? Is your brother your mothers uncles aunt with webbed fingers and toes? If so call me Jeremey "smug git, i've been through everything you have only twice as bad, bully" Kyle and i'll put you on my freak show, i mean TV show.

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