Tuesday, 11 May 2010

And so the season begins!

Well its now 5 days since i've opened and can't believe how well its all started in fact its started better than my 3 previous seasons, whether this is a good sign remains to be seen but it ain't bad for the moment. The bar is looking good but just needs a few little improvments which should all be finished by end of May. Still no TV's and if i ever had to put a TV in the bar i'd prefer to close, so if your looking for somewhere that won't be showing the world cup as WHAM once said "i'm your man" LOL.

Prices are still as low as ever and i've had a few human guinea pigs trying out the new style cocktails and they are a big thumbs up (thank god) Still not giving anything away as to what they are so you will pop in and have a taste. I believe a few pics of them have been put on facebook but thats ok the recipes are still secret haha.

Its bloody boiling out here but cold at nights so got me outdoor heaters working so its all nice and cosy also the inside of the bar is like a living room now so its got a nice homely feel to it, i suppose its a bit like my living room back in the UK with the only difference being its full of strangers who pay me for drinks.

Quite a few places closed which is a real shame but the Old Kalamaki looks busier with businesses this year so thats great news.

What will the season bring this year, who knows but i will enjoy it whatever happens, as long as the sun is shining, the pools are cold and i can get out on my motorbike i'll be happy.

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