Sunday, 23 May 2010

2 Weeks, 3 days and some rain!

Well its been a strange old start to the season, not in a business sense as business is great but in a weather sense, yes folks we've had RAIN! Before you go getting out your Pac-a-mac and wellies it has only been during the night and early hours of the morning for a couple of nights last week. Today is glorious sunshine and my pastey white body actually saw some sun for the first time this season.

So off to the pool which was lovely and quiet, only 2 other people there, a nice glass of frappe and a newly filled pool, the water looked so inviting, the top of the pool was so still it looked like glass, sun was warm and glowing, yes i'll dip myself in and have that first swim. Unfortunately what i didn't think of was the water would be like getting in to a bath of ice, JESUS! i had brain freeze and my gentleman vegetables decided to retreat faster than the French from Russia in 1812 (thats a history lesson for you haha) but after a few very fast lengths it wasn't so bad.

The resort is starting to pick up but there is alot more eastern European this year and the hoteliers seem to be giving less rooms to UK tour companies so they must be getting better deals from the non-UK tour companies which i suppose is the UK tour companies fault for squeezing the prices from the hoteliers and selling the holidays even more expensive year after year even though they are paying less.

The new cocktails i devised are a hit and can't wait for my second blender to be delivered as its a mad rush with only one blender, why don't i make anything easy for myself LOL.

Anywhooo time for a siesta before another fun night in Oceanic, till the next update, night night!

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