Monday, 19 April 2010

A week to go or is it!

Well my flight is for tuesday 27th and i land back on the island 8am on the 28th or am I? Due to this stupid, crappy, erupting bugger of a volcano it may be later but i'm hoping not. Helen will be joining me a month later for the season, so that will give her 4 weeks to clean the house and leave the radio on just in case of burglars, better get some long life batteries as it will be on for 4 months LOL.

Getting excited now but i've got things for the bar coming from Hong Kong but again will they arrive to the UK before i leave, stupid ashes and how does somewhere like iceland thats freezing have a boiling hot volcano, the worlds gone mad. Really really excited about helen joining me be nice having someone to wash the glasses BOOM, BOOM!

Lots and lots of news from my friends all over the island but will confirm the news after i've arrived.

3 more days left in Currys which i'm starting to enjoy now, top salesman last week and this week so far, how will the cope when i'm gone, easily i bet, i've just been lucky with a bit of the old kevlar cheeky chappy thrown in.

So just getting all my stuff together for the new cocktails and a bit of light refurbishment and i'll be sorted and can't wait for you all to see the little changes and to taste your new "5 a day" cocktails i've devised.

will update now just as i'm about to leave. WooHoo!

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