Monday, 26 April 2010

Goodbye UK, Hello Zakynthos!

Well that time has come, at 11am tomorrow i start my travels to Zakynthos. First i leave my home (well if i didn't do that i wouldn't get anywhere) then its a train at 12pm from Swansea to Heathrow, i arrive at Heathrow at 4pm, then its a 6 hour wait till my flight (this i don't mind as lots to do and theres a nice bar there for the odd bevvie or pop in to London), i land at Athens 4am greek time, stop here for 5 hours (more coffee and vodka mmmm LOL) then i land home at 9.50am.

No time to rest, straight to the bar to get my bikes out, see which one will start then off to sort out all my paperwork ready to open Saturday. Thursday and Friday clean. paint and refurb bar ready for opening but will relax a little Thursday night while watching Liverpool with my good friend Thassos at Drunk Corner.

I have to say it is getting harder each year to leave Wales as i like being here for my mum and Petra the Dog also my life has a bit more focus now i'm with Helen. I'm sure if i could have a bar like Oceanic in the Wales on a beach with the same amount of sunshine as Zakynthos i would stay here but then again i like the plain and simple lifestyle i lead on the island, just living for each day without any stress, beaches, pools and being a laid back beach bum HaHa! The UK is just going more and more downhill and i feel 100% safer on the island than in my hometown. I know at some point i will have to settle in just one place and i already know when that time will be and it will be on Zakynthos but i hope that won't be for many years to come so until that time i'll enjoy the best of both worlds and continue to enjoy every minute of each day no matter which country i'm in.

So until i arrive home, i'll bid ye farewell my friends and will update after touch down, yeehaa!

Oh before i forget please follow along with my friends journey as he travels across Europe in his ice cream van to set up in Kalamaki on the main strip by my apartment next door to Jamunja indian restaurant. Here's Johns website.

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