Thursday, 22 October 2009

Gone fishing!

Well i haven't actually gone fishing but in the old films when a shop or store closed they used to put up the sign "gone fishing" so thats what i did, sign says "Gone fishing, see you in 2010".
Well its a sad day when i close up which i did at the end of monday night, i was still doing my target even up till the last night but its been such a busy season i decided to have 5 days holiday on this beautiful island before i go home to my winter job which i have also had for 9 years.
Had a nice little flurry towards the end of the season thanks to holidaymakers reading an old topic about my bar on a website being brought back to light, so people decided to drop by after reading it and said they were glad they saw it as they enjoyed Oceanic so i have to say a big thank you to Chris for resurrecting the topic and promoting my bar on the site when he didn't have to, thanks buddy next time your in Kalamaki come and have a popular lemon cheesecake cocktail in my bar, i'll pay, it was nice to have new customers so near the end of the season.
Well almost time to head home and when i get there i will add another topic of places to visit as i did another tour of the island yesterday and then my final honest review of the season, keep reading and be lucky folks!

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