Monday, 17 August 2009

Dear blog, its been 3 weeks since my last entry, forgive me. HAHA!

Well its about time i pulled my finger out and gave you lovely people an update in whats going on with Zakynthos and Kalamki and me of course.

So lets start with Zakynthos, its sunny, very hot, full of italian and greek tourists, roads have doubled in traffic and sales of coffee have gone up so much it may put Starbucks out of business LOL.

Kalamaki is very quiet of british tourists the larger pools are half empty with sunbeds, bars (from what i'm told) have very little people in them but the restaurants are busy, 3 more businesses during the season have closed and anyone even thinking of opening a new business next season must be a mad as a the mad hatter at a mad maniacs mad society meeting, its financial suicide.

As for me its been amazing, have to admit been quiet last week but still hitting target and had 3 nights out of 7 last week capacity compared to every night the weeks before but lets just say if i was to close tomorrow my season would be paid up full and still got 2 and a half months to go.

I forgot to tell you i have a new partner and her name is Helen, she's welsh (don't hold it against her) and she speaks welsh so i have to carry a packa-mac with me wherever we go just in case we meet some other welshys and they start talking in welsh and i get covered in flem with all the hacking and fuffing they do. She came out a couple of weeks ago for her birthday, got her a nice cake, bottles of champagne, did i get any, NO, not a crumb or a drop but all my customers did, its ok didn't want any anyway LOL.

Well i'm on the hunt for a new cruiser motorbike out here as its getting more difficult having a bike with english plates, been everywhere looking for one and its bloody hard work, i go in to a shop and say "I want to buy a second hand bike" no response, " i want to buy an used bike" no response, "i want to buy an old bike" the shop owner replies "your in the wrong place, this is a fruit and veg shop" LOL, just kidding but i did get a reply to my questions i just mentioned and the reply was " sorry we don't buy used bikes" they thought i wanted to sell mine. so as you can see its a bit frustrating, although i am going to see one tomorrow but not holding my breath if you could see the state of the used bikes parked outside these shops they look old enough that Hercules could have owned it.

Some good news in the UK on the bike front is i've bought one for when i'm back in the winter, got an absolute bargain and its fully working and in mint condition.

As you can see i've gone for something that will blend in to the traffic and won't stand out LOL Ghost rider with Nicholas Cage comes to mind, can't wait to ride it, go on guess how much i bet you can't.

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