Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Life is manic but good!

Well where do i start, ok lets start with my new jobs. Remeber the cartoon "Hong Kong Phooey" well thats me, no i don't mean i'm a dog who's best friend is a cat.
By day a mild mannered janitor but then at night i'm a superstar barman/DJ in a rock club.
Yes you read correctly in the daytime i'm a janitor for Tesco, when you go shopping in these huge supermarkets you see the guy going around with the stand up dust pan and brush sweeping up bits of paper or pushing a floor scrubbing machine around, you usually think he's a bit simple or the village nutter, well thats me i'm that guy LOL.

On a serious note I don't see why any job should be below someone, i know people that would turn their nose up at being a cleaner even if they were desperate for work but i do the same thing in the bar after my customers, since i've been working there you can see how people are towards cleaners, people seem to treat you like your the lowest of the low or must be uneducated. Your looked down upon by customers and other members of the staff, if only they knew the truth about me that i am well educated and own my own business but i'm happy to do the job and happy for these people to be so narrow minded it just makes me feel like i'm a better person than them.

Then at night i work in a great club that has live music 3 nights of the week and a comedy club on one night, no cheesy music, no groups of people all dressed the same, no idiots, just good music with people that go out to listen to good music and have a good time, i love it there and if there was a resort on Zakynthos apart from Lagana to open this type of bar in i would open it as there is always people who love live music, not a backing track with a singer, a true 4 piece band.
Anyway only 8 weeks left in UK so going to enjoy it at the club until its back to Zakynthos!

Saturday the 28th of Feb was a amazing night went to see The Killers gig and wow what a amazing night, been there seen it and i bought the T-shirt lol from the first song "Human" until the last song "When your young" it was non stop upbeat tunes and Brandon is a great front man. The best gig i've been to and is equal to Guns N Roses at the old Wembly Stadium but they are 2 completely different concerts due to the venues. The arena was jumping for nearly 2 hours solid and you could tell the band were really in to it and also enjoying the night. I've been to some gigs and it has seemed like a chore for the band to be there.

My cooking skills are going from strength to strength every sunday, last sunday i decided to make a essence of chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream filling and a solid choclate topping, OOOOH! adventurous i know and wait for it Chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered chili peppers, boy are they hot but taste good.

My god the cake was so good but when i ate the chili first it was sweet then hot then it kept on going from sweet to hot so it was a weird eating experience but nice, I tried a chili by itself while making it, oh my god, it burnt my lips, mouth and even went up to the inside of my nose and was burning that, never eaten anything so hot in my life but all good chefs taste their own food LOL

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