Tuesday, 6 March 2018


OK, so let me get calm first before i start to type my raging rant.

I read this article and it made me so crazy.
Health agencies want to cut 20% of calories from processed foods. AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!


Now as you know i love food, i just love to eat.
Lets look back at what we used to eat.
Take a bar of lard, dip it in thick batter, deep fry it in beef dripping, heavily dust with salt then smother in beef dripping gravy.
Now its No salt, 0% fat, No additives, 20% less calories. You know what your left with? AIR or DUST, Anybody? No? DUST. Anybody? No? DUST.
There's a strain on the NHS because of obesity. How? People were eating more unhealthy years ago and the NHS was fine. We're eating healthier and NHS is at breaking point.

Now then, i liked some weird foods, i will try anything and i like food most people hate but due to companies being told to take out all the ingredients that make food taste good i may as well be eating a food called "Generic". It now all tastes the bloody same.
Its got sod all to do with the food, its got to do with educating people about food.
I want the choice of eating healthy or unhealthy not to be dictated to by some stick insect that survives on a blade of grass and thinks obese is anyone over 5 stone. Who is the person who set the bar for the weight for obesity? Who are they to say that is the correct weight?
Let companies give a full on version of a product along with a bland version and let the consumer decide. If they go the fat, fat and more fat choice they only got themselves to blame.

The article said "We have more obese children in England than ever before"
I can tell you why, its the food that the parents are feeding them. They have a choice the parents. Feed them good food or feed them crap. Both types of food are available now without having to make everybody suffer by taking the unhealthy goodness out of food.
I will give you my example. I am now eating 1000 calories a day, that's 1500 less than I'm allowed. Even with having less than half the calories I'm eating really good tasty unhealthy food and large portioned meals. That's because I've educated myself on food. I half the unhealthy portion and double the healthy portion. I'm eating pasta bakes, pies, sausages, burgers, biscuits, cake, chocolate bars so all the nice tasting supposedly bad food but with that i eat carrots fries, Cauliflower Rice, butternut squash waffles etc.
Food doesn't have to be destroyed, people just need educating on how to eat.
Cook a proper meal for the family which takes half an hour or drive through a Mac D's which takes 30 seconds? That's the problem.

People make the excuse "I'm to busy to cook a meal", yeah I'm sure you are with watching your reality shows, soaps and facebook. Its called laziness not busy.

So in the defence of bad fatty unhealthy food, let the people have a choice with warnings attached like cigarettes, they haven't taken nicotine out of cigarettes have they? Don't take their choice away.


Feel better now and thanks for listening LOL.

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