Wednesday, 12 July 2017

As Robbie would sing "I love my life!"

Socrates (Not the footballer), Pythagoras (Not the maths), Plato (Not what you eat off), Hippo (Not the animal), Evander (Not the boxer), Dio (Not the band), Aristotle (Not the.........its not anything else).
What do these names all have in common? ........................................They are all Greek Philosophers.
Now why am i telling you this? Well, over the past two years I've had time to think, listen to peoples comments, listen to customers rumour and gossip and i have taken it all in with contemplation, to which i have become a Philosopher myself.
To prove this i will give you my first words of wisdom:-

"Man who hears only one voice becomes blind to the truth."

Well, what you think? Not bad for my first attempt. By man i don't mean a man as in a male, we philosophers mean man as in "Mankind" so everyone.

Hello to one and all, how you all doing? I do hope your all well and good wherever you are.

The bar is now 72 days open and only 6 nights it hasn't been full at some point.
Every single customer so far who has stepped in to Oceanic has come back for a second visit which is great and not only that I'd say about 80% are all new to Oceanic with most coming in through word of mouth around pool or at hotel bar.
I am totally realistic and know this will not continue, last season i had a night at the end of July that i only took 50€. This is the reality of business, the ups and downs, can't always be ups.
I feel physically great all be it slightly tired due to being so busy but not complaining and all is good in the life of Kev publicly and privately.
May and June done and dusted but now comes the months i always dread, July and August which are usually quieter for me so its allot of book reading and waiting around till someone comes in, more often than not my first customer is about 10pm due to it being so hot up until that time but lets wait and see what happens.
Been to see my accountant this morning, all good there and first quarters V.A.T. cleared, and relax.

Now I'm not a modern day fan, i think i was born in the wrong era. I like a very simple life, I'm not in to techy stuff, I'm not money orientated, I'm not materialistic and i don't need Facebook, instagram or snapchat to make my life better. As long as your happy with your life all the other stuff doesn't really matter.  Just to prove sometimes the old ways are better for you i had a very old thing land on my doorstep of the bar two weeks ago that many of you younger readers won't remember, its called a letter.
Many people say modern technology is a good thing. Well this very old way of communicating, a letter, brought me the best news from the UK, so much so i went out to celebrate in Zakynthos town that night and had a couple of Zakynthos craft brewed beers, Yammas!.
Thank you J. Sharpe for saving me money, time, hassle with red tape paperwork and for making a great season even greater with your letter, i have sent you a letter of thanks in reply.
Kids, don't just depend on e-mails, letters can be a wonderful thing.

This season i have been asked many new questions but have been asked them quite a few times so just in case your coming out and thinking of asking me the same questions i will give you the answers now.

Q:- Oh, your still here then? (with amazement)
A:- Why where should i be? I've never said i was going anywhere.

Q:- Do you have more hair?
A:- (with huge laughter and choking) Definitely not, more grey and more of a wasteland now than a bald patch but the hair i have is longer not cut so short

Q:- How was Depeche Mode in Athens?

Q:- Have you lost weight?
A:- A little but black is slimming. Look at Pavarotti, he always wore black and you would have never have guessed he was 32 stone cause he looked so slim in black.

Q:- For how much longer do you think your going to do this?
A:- Until i decide I've had enough or my body tells me its time to quit, don't think i need to put a time limit on it.

Q:- Is your bike a Harley? (pointing to my bike parked outside the bar)
A:- No its a Yamaha, that's why its got Yamaha written on it.

That's just a few of the frequent new questions I'm asked but there are many more.

So its the 13th July and I've only been to the pool 5 times since April but i did get to my quiet pool at a certain hotel i use. As you can see from this years pic its still empty and that was taken only 2 weeks ago. How can this hotel still survive with hardly anyone there? Don't get me wrong I'm glad its this quiet as its such a lovely pool, would it to get over crowded and lots of noise.

I may have told you that this year there are no ducks but i do have 2 rabbits, well now i have 3 rabbits. While i was sat on my balcony watching the sunrise over my garden sipping a cup of tea this morning i spotted that i have a new baby rabbit has joined the family, awwwwwww, its tiny but was hopping all over the place. One afternoon the largest rabbit was having a chill out in the shade of the wall at my balcony. The pic looks like road kill but it is in fact just resting. I have called it Wilbur Hoppington. Sadly for him he on has one good back leg but boy he can shift.

SSSShhhhhhhhh, he resting.

In my last update i mentioned Kylo Bear. Many have asked who's Kylo Bear? Well Kylo Bear is a build a bear that was given to me for company in my home. There is something a bit disturbing about this though. Build-a-bear are selling bears of a character that killed his own father with a lightsaber through the heart. Slightly dark? I think so. Kylo Bears lightsaber actually lights up with real saber noise and if you push Kylo's chest it plays "The emperors theme". This is great but not when you sound asleep.
Kylo lays on the bed next to me every night and the first night he was there i must have rolled over and pushed his chest with my elbow only to set off "The Emperors theme". I will say now, i was more than a little startled and terribly confused as it was still dark. I didn't have a clue what the hell was going on and only remembered about a minute later in my bleary eyed state.

I present to you Kylo Bear.

The Oceanic Rock Legend T-shirts are again selling really well and people are buying them ready for concerts. On buying them my customers have said they will send pics of them wearing the t-shirt at the concerts they bought them for, so here is the first.

Thank you to Sean & Jane for wearing them to the Green Day concert at Hyde Park.

And finally, a few people have asked did i really go to Switzerland as the pics i put on my blog about it looked to good to be taken by me.
HOW DARE! I know I'm not technically minded but i do know how to use a pin hole camera, GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR, HMMMPH!.
So to prove i was actually there here is me alongside Freddie.

I don't look so short in this pic. Note to self, always have pictures taken next to statues.

Well that's it for this short update. Again not been out and about much as between 4-5 hours of the day is taken up by doing things for bar as its so busy at night and its just way to hot for long rides out on the bike, also all the Italians and Greeks are arriving off the ferries so the roads are a nightmare.
No rants either, as i said at the beginning, life is sweet and no need to rant, well not in this update anyway.

So until the next one........

Serve All, Love All, Peace All, Kevlar Out!

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