Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oceanic's got talent!

Phew, what a scorcher, as The Sun may say. Boy its hot in day and very humid at night, my air con is working overtime, in fact its been working that hard that i think i can actually hear it asking me to leave it turned off just for 5 mins so it can have a rest.

Well it seems this week i have a very very talented bunch of people in. Of course with me being a culture vulture they've come to the right place what with my priceless collection of belly button fluff sculptures and of course not forgetting my own works of abstract art that adorn the walls of Oceanic.

First we have Alan who has very kindly offered to donate quite a few works of his art for me to frame and hang on the ceiling of Oceanic for next season (all being well i'll still have a ceiling next season LOL). He told me to look through his website and choose which ones i wanted and he would gladly give them to me which i find very kind of him. there are some good honest folk out there after all. After looking through Alan's website and me not taking advantage of his generouse offer i've put an order in for 50 pieces of art work LOL. That was a joke by the way but i have asked for a few and if you take a look at Alan's site his art work is amazing and attention to detail is superb, take a look for yourself here's his website:-

Alan with a piece of commissioned artwork.

Now i remember back when i were a tiny lad (so not much taller than i am now) hearing "White Riot" by The Clash and thinking, that is such a good song. From then on i got myself in to listening to more and more of the bands music, not just the singles but also the album tracks and lets be honest Joe Strummer was a god and great front man. He even has an area at Glastonbury named after him, Strummerville where there is a memorial stone. So it was an honour to have 2 people who are involved with the UK's No1 Clash tribute band drinking in my bar every night, Big Bob (Road Manager/Powerhouse) and Woody (Mick Jones of the band but not as ugly). I'm going to try and see if i can get them in to a few of the bars in Cardiff and Swansea. They have played in these places before but i want them down near me gigging in 2012 so i can go to the gig with the world famous actor Leighton Kyle as he is also a big fan. Take a look at their website, have a look at the tour dates and see if there's one near you and try to get along to see the boys, you won't be disappointed if you like The Clash.

Big Bob and Woody, nice to see Big Bob awake in this pic as its 4am LOL

So August is half way through and boy what a crazy one, never known a August so busy for me. The only problem i have is that the ice don't last long is this heat and i can't get the drinks out quick enough, maybe time to train up a young Jedi in the ways of the order of the Oceanic Knights. Ok just read that back and it sounds like the working mens club by a famous Mr. Peter Kay. "Eyes down, get your dibbers and your dabbers, its bingo time at Oceanic Knights" LOL Never will bingo be played within the sacred grounds of the Oceanic, Connect 4 yes, Bingo NO, NO, NO!

At the Moment in the bar i am holding the Connect 4 World/Leeds Championships. First round got underway yesterday and the odds on favourite Callum fell at the first hurdle but there are 2 front runners now, Alison and Cogger (think i spelt that right) William Hill have stopped the betting on Cogger and there may be a stewards enquiry in to match fixing with the player as there has been some heavy betting on the world ranked No.3 Cogger after the world No.2 russian Champion whodienickerbollockoff and the World No.1 from America, Micky "The Mcdonalds Muncher" Murphy. I'll give you the outcome of this major sporting event on the next update, its tense folks i can tell you.

There are many other things i have to tell you but to be honest its lovely outside and i'm sat on a sofa, indoors writing this so i think its time to say to you, i'm going to bugger off now and will write a bit more next week when the lovely Helen returns and after St. Dionysios day on the 24th. So excited that Helens here soon, been ages and my dishes are pilling up in sink LOL.

A useful update fact for you :- Did you know that if you hold tin foil to the back of your mobile phone it will pick up wifi internet connections much stronger from a further distance away. Don't tell anyone i told you this ok.

Total Wipeout update:- Not been sent the details of my full audition yet just been given the day and thank you to all the support i've been getting via Oceanic Chill Out Bar facebook wall that Helen has told me about and from my customers in the bar.

See ya later alligators, whoop whoop, i'm gone!

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