Thursday, 10 February 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Well its now time to start looking toward season 2011 and my 11th year on Zakynthos.

Lots of ideas for the bar but its getting everything either to the island from the UK or hopefully finding it on the island, either way its not going to be cheap but we shall see. The bar is having a complete make over but it will be in stages over the first 2 months, the outside decor should be finished by the 1st May but stage 2 will have to wait till beginning of June but should be fine. The inside of the bar is staying the same with all the rock memorabilia but got a few more things to add to it.
A new look menu but the drinks will be the same so all your favourite unique Oceanic cocktails are still there with a few new ones and still only using branded spirits in all drinks.

The concept of the bar is also staying the same, Chill Out, No TV's, No entertainment, No loud music just a place for everyone to relax and socialize without having to shout above the music.

I watched the Zakynthos episode of Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents the other night and i have to sat it wasn't the worst of publicity for the island as they kept on saying "Laganas" and not like other programmes and newspaper reports "Zante" but again does the island think these sort of programmes are good advertising? The BBC must have to get permission to film on the island. Tourism has dropped and dropped since Zakynthos hit the headlines all over europe about the sex games on organised trips (18-30's) and in the bars also the bars that got closed down for such events in Laganas. The reason the island was hit hard was because it stated "Zante" not "Laganas" Zante was the main headline and then Laganas was mentioned further in to the report where as it should have stated Laganas first then mention its a resort on the island of Zante. I watched Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents and didn't find it hard to watch, there was the odd moment with Brits with their bits out but in all it did focus on the 2 young people concerned and not on what happens in Laganas. The 2 young people were well behaved i thought so gave the resort a better face than it usually gets. If you had seen the next episode in Magaluf the 2 people on Zakynthos were angels compared to the group in the next programme. But as i've always said its not Laganas that makes the problems there, its the people who visit it and cause trouble.

At the moment here in the UK there are lots of ideas we are thinking over but its all down to a chain of events on how and when we are going to make these ideas happen but i am very excited about them and can't wait to start the ball rolling.

I've been watching Top Chef from america so i've had my chef's hat on again and decided to get back in the kitchen, also boredom led me to it lol. So out we went to Tescos at 11.45pm Friday night. Wow late night shopping is so good, no zimmer frames, no prams and no screaming kids, Bliss! Bought a load of stuff but wasn't really sure what i was going to make but decided to make a Spanish Beef Cake that i had at the Tapas Bar in Lanzarote and a favourite of mine Stuffed Marrow which i stuff with apple and pork. I must say i love cooking but isn't it messy, especially when your using meat, eggs and breadcrumbs, it just gets everywhere and sticks to you or is it that i like to work in chaos haha.

My Stuffed Marrow and Spanish Beef Cake.

After the taste sensation and success of my main course i looked at what was left in the fridge and went on to make a Sweet Potato, Parsnip and Apple soup with a Sausage meat, onion and basil dumpling. Once again a triumph. I don't see why these cooks get their own shows on TV, if an idiot like myself can pull any old ingredients together and make a meal it cant be that hard. I see my arch enemy Heston Blumenthal is opening a new restaurant in London and has a new show starting on channel 4, some of his new wonders at Mandarin Oriental are cucumber ketchup (so green sludge that tastes of nothing), slow cooked ribs (hang on thats not unusal), cured mackrel (has he lost his edge). I watched a documentary about Heston and he was serving some shell fish which looked perfectly normal but he served a side plate of a conch shell with an ipod slipped inside it with headphones for you to listen to the sea as you ate. What? So the food was just the same as any other restaurant but because you can get sea sick while your eating it you have to pay over the odds and he gets a michelin star lol Come on anyone can come up with a dish and get a michelin star if thats the case. "Here we have a blamanche made to look like a chicken carcuss and parsnips made to look like the bones from a filleted fish on a bed of green marzipan made to look like rotten cabbage served on a bustbin lid, its called Tramps Dinner" There you go how easy was that, now wheres my michelin star haha.

My michelin star winning Sweet Potato, Parsnip and Apple soup with Sausage meat dumpling.

So after my last 2 posts being almost as long as war and peace its just a short update today but we are now looking towards Zakynthos and trying to get the plans in action so hope your all looking forward to your holidays now and getting excited. We'll all be in the sun soon, woohoo!

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